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  • Coaching sessions are $147. They include a free copy of Life Surfer’s Law of Attraction Handbook.
  • Buy a package of 4 sessions and get one free. $487 for 5 sessions.
  • Are you not sure? Schedule a free 20-minute chat to talk about it.
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You already have what you need to start Living Your Magical Life. You don’t need to create a pile of cash. You don’t need to attract the perfect partner. You don’t need to solve the problems of your past. You can start living a Magical Life right here right now. Does this mean you should put aside those things you want? Of course not. Whatever you want to experience is perfect. And if you are living a magical life, you are automatically living more in alignment with the having of what you are wanting. All of it.

My job as coach, is to serve as a polished mirror, reflecting back to you what your Higher Self already knows about living a magical life. That’s just it, you already know what to do. You are simply creating me as the path of least resistance to living the life you are wanting. I too, am getting what I am wanting because it is my joy to serve others by being a polished mirror. It is a win-win interaction.

In the course of our conversation we might talk about:

  • Intentional creation
  • Relationships
  • Metaphysical principles
  • How to feel better
  • Thorny situations
  • Self-esteem
  • Life choices
  • Pretty much anything else


So if you are ready to step into Your Magical Life, click the button and schedule an appointment. Not sure? Choose the free 20-minute session and we will talk about it.

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