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I cannot know why you manifested this book. However, my intention is that this handbook serves to remind you of what you need to know to move from being an intermediate to advanced student of Law of Attraction to being a conscious creator in your own right.

Many of you may read parts of this book and say, I knew that. Still, it bears hearing again. As I have often said, I had to hear "follow the thought that feels better" 10,000 times (not an exaggeration) before I put it into practice. This book explains these often-heard, but seldom practiced, concepts in an understandable handbook.

  • Introduction
  • Who is this guy?
  • The Basics
  • Law of Attraction Basics:
    • Visualization
    • Deciding You Can Actually Have What You Want
    • Deciding You Already Have It
    • Following Thoughts that Feel Better
  • Contrast
  • The Cosmic “Doing What Feels Better” Escape Clause
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Heroes of the First Wave
  • Now what?
  • Credits


Everything and everyone is here to serve you. This includes contrast. Contrast is here to help you decide if you want pink or blue. It helps you decide if you would rather feel trapped by hating your mother, or enjoy the freedom of loving yourself just the way you are. Just that simple.

Now, if you are judging yourself for hating your mother—because everyone knows that a person who hates their mother is really bad, and if you hate your mother, well you might as well pack your ice water, because where you are going you are going to need it—then since you are such an evil-doer, you feel shame and guilt. You don't like feeling bad, and every time that shame comes up, it feels like a hole in your stomach. So you run to the cupboard and grab the nearest box of chocolate macaroons to fill the hole.

So now you have a jumbled up mess that you hide with cookies. When you decide it's time to diet, here comes that contrast and it feels like shit. But we push through this and deprive ourselves out of 10 pounds of sweets, only to be reminded of our mother, feel ashamed, and pounce on the cookies until we gain back 15 pounds.

If you pay attention, you know when you are feeling bad. When you notice the contrast, it is time to let it run its course. The first step is being okay with feeling the contrast. You can tap a HopoPocoLoco Sedona Method Acting Dance on it or you can just let the emotion flow through you. Any way you become okay with your emotions is good.

PayPal will send you to a
download page when complete