About Chip

I live a magical life. My day starts with sitting on my back porch where I am surrounded by dozens of colorful birds. My porch is elevated above the surrounding trees. Across the wash that attracts the birds, lies a golf course not 100 yards away. The background is the tops of the mountains of Sedona, Arizona. In the evening, we watch the sun set over the Mingus Mountains.

I intended a nice view when my wife and I decided to move from Pennsylvania, but what worked out was much more spectacular than I had imagined. Theoretically, I’ve always led a magical life, it’s just that in the past, I interpreted bad feelings as something being wrong with me. After decades of studying the metaphysics of intentional creation, what is popularly called Law of Attraction—a highly misleading term, by the way—I’ve came to realize that there is in fact nothing wrong with me. In fact, all I really need to do to create what I want, is to follow thoughts that feel better, something that I had to be told in excess of, no exaggeration, 10,000 times before I actually decided to put it into action.

Does this mean that I don’t feel bad-feeling thoughts? No. As good as it is, there will always be new things I want to experience. When I set a new intention, thoughts that lie in opposition will percolate to the surface so I can see them. The way I know they don’t serve me is that these thoughts feel bad. These bad feelings serve me by helping me refine and redefine how I want to experience my life.

Now I look for thoughts that feel intriguing. One of the things that intrigues me is when people bring me their thorny issues in the hopes of feeling better. What intrigues me is that when I tune in to their vibration, I never really know what I’m going to say. I do know that most times, I will reframe their “problems” to point out how the situation is, in actuality, perfectly working on their behalf, and they are, in fact, not broken.

I answer these thorny questions in my blog, on forums, and in one-on-one coaching sessions. The one thing I know as an absolute is there is no reason why anyone cannot live a magical life of their own, if that is what they want to do.

It is my sincerest hope that you dive into the deep end with me, get your hair wet, and start living the magical life you have been not-so-secretly desiring.


Life Surfer