The 7 Levels of Contrast

When I taught college writing, I used to hate the style of theme papers that started with the definition of a word. Stephan King would never, ever start a novel this way, so of course, I have to.

Contrast noun – the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

Now of course, contrast is contrast. There are no levels, not even a sliding scale. And all contrast serves us. The fact that I can even make up something like this denotes that we have different levels of resistance to contrast. The number of “levels” is purely arbitrary and when I get done making them up, I’m going to have go back and change the number in the working title. So, without further ado…

Life’s Surfer’s Guide to Contrast Level Thingies.

Level 1 – Fundamental Contrast We came to be physically-focused to experience contrast from an existence where everything was light and love and the ecstatic version of boring. In physical existence, there is blue and there is pink, and we spend our lives choosing our preferences. Without contrast, we could not be able to distinguish between jazz and rock music, distinguish chocolate from caramel, or tell if you are having sex or hugging a tree.

Level 2 – Positive Contrast Positive contrast is where you look back in time and see how far you’ve come. I can say with certainty that when you look back a year or too and you remember how you thought about a particular topic, where you are now is a noticeable improvement. The reason I can say this you are always expanding. There is no going back or staying the same. Looking back to see how far you’ve come can be very therapeutic.

Level 3 – Thoughts that feel better Whenever you look for the thought that feels better, there is a positive contrast if indeed the thought you are thinking feels better or feels more like relief than the one you were just thinking. Likewise, if a thought feels worse, you will notice that “negative” contrast as well.

Level 4 – Negative Contrast This is a very popular contrast. This is when you notice the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. For instance, if you want a gazillion dollars, and you are reading a collection notice for your Star Trek Pez figurines, it’s not going to feel very good. This is a very good thing though. You can use this contrast to ramp up your desire by boldly going, “Fuck this shit. I’m going to have my gazillion dollars!” That declaration jumps you 3.2 levels on the emotional scale all by itself. I dare you to find a more efficient way to raise your vibes.

Level 5 – Navigational Contrast This is kinda like Level 3 contrast except it is more pronounced. You encounter this when you are just thinking or you are dreaming up something you want and you start to feel bad. You know that you have taken a wrong turn. This wrong turn can be minor, like don’t go that way. Or it can be Level 6 shit contrast, but some other day it will be the right time to deal with it. You can tell if it is better for you to put off dealing with this contrast because when you apply Level 3 contrast, it feels like relief to let it go for now.

Level 6 – Shit you gotta deal with Whenever you really decide you want something, contrast that points out the thoughts that run counter to you having what you want appear so you can deal with them. Now since you always have 9 hundred eleventy billion things you want at any given instant, this can arise pretty much at any time. The trick for dealing with shit contrast is to become okay with it so it can evolve away from you. How you do this could be the subject of an extended workshop.

Level 7 – Lifelong Contrast This is like Shit Contrast on steroids. This contrast has arisen from very early in life, maybe even from the vibrational influences in gestation. It is part of the plan you put into place to before you entered physically-focused reality. It is like your fundamental operating system. It is probably why you so desperately want to learn Law of Attraction.

I suspect that it is really just Shit Contrast that you haven’t quite become okay with, and it may remain in that state until you take your dirt nap. But even if you can’t become totally easy with it, it cannot stop you from having anything you want.

So what did I leave out? Feel free to leave a new level below. You can even create a sub-level, like level 3.2.21. Or the levels anti-contrast. Just remember mixing contrast and anti-contrast can be, well, very bad.

For those of you who read the last blog, you will not be surprised to find out that the bare bones computer I got in trade has a shit-load of blue lights in it. All computers in an MS home network have to be named. This computer is BLUEGLOW.

I’ve been subtly hinting that it would be a good idea to subscribe to my mailing list before the release of my book. (upper right). Try using Level 3 contrast to see if this might be a good idea for you. I will be working on the book today after this goes out.

BTW, how many of you got the obscure Ghostbusters reference in the last sentence of the blog?


(c)2013 Chip Engelmann

10 thoughts on “The 7 Levels of Contrast

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      Thanks Pricilla. As mentioned, the categories are somewhat arbitrary. If it feels better from a Contrast Level 3, you can bundle it all up in a wormy-squirmy Level 6 Contrast, if you like.


  1. Timon

    Hi Chip,
    I just found your blog a couple of days ago but I have a feeling this has already become a must-read blog for me.
    Level 3 approved! Thank you!


    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      LOL Timon,

      Welcome. I’m pretty sure you are expanding our vibes already.


  2. Julie Bernstein Engelmann

    Oh God, the Star Trek Pez figurines! I thought you were making that up, and then I saw them in the checkout lane at Walmart.
    Great differentiations, although I think they may just be different kinds of contrast rather than levels. I don’t see any hierarchy or degrees of refinement or progression between them. I disagree with your suspicion that #7 is just #6 that you haven’t become okay with. I think it’s the reverse: #7 hands over a whole lot of shit that looks like #6 stuff.

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author


      Next I’m going for the Harry Potter Pez set.

      You’re right, there are no levels to contrast, merely different ways to experience it–and they are arranged by how much resistance we tend to hold toward that contrast.

      As for #7 looking like a whole lot of #6, I suspect you are right.


  3. Derek Pavlicek

    ” “Fuck this shit. I’m going to have my gazillion dollars!” That declaration jumps you 3.2 levels on the emotional scale all by itself.”

    I JUST now had This experience…. and then happened across your blog thanks to LoA making your “Practical Wizardry” group pop up in The Village….

    You’re an upliftingly inspiring person to me, I Love you’re About Me… it definitely has me feeling better about my depression and life. I’m 25 now.. took a year off from life and listening to channeled things, though journaling often… now I’m SO back in the Vibrational game and hope to replace my server income with something much more enjoyable within a year to 6 months or less. There’s more to the basic story, but I just wanted to relate some for the relief of it, and thank you for sharing your story with such detail and honesty. Looks like I’ll have my own site one day too lol, as I am eternally fascinated by LoA, it’s simplicity (though its initially and most unnecessarily perceived complexity), and by one’s Vibration… the ability to ‘control’ or shift it… and all that power… and of course how fun it is to empower another and watch them flourish with relative Ease… first and foremost I’ve gotta somehow allow it for myself.

    Level 2.2… could be… slightly significant, positive contrast… good stuff that happens, no matter how subtle, that I notice has something to do with a desire that means something to me… a girl giving me her number, not a girl I’d call back though just getting a number is nice…. or a job offer in an area that feels easily doable to me, though not a job I feel a YES to, still evidence that my vibration has shifted around my desire for greater income with greater ease and joy…. slightly or subtly significant, positive contrast….. Level 2.3 undeniably significant, positive contrast…. when more money comes in out of seemingly no where…. when just the kind of girl I like, who just so happens to want what I’m wanting is now a part of my experience in a way that feels like ‘how could it get any better than this?!’ kind of way…. could even be emotional…. you wake up after just happening to have a dream where you had just purchased the house of your dreams….. or you somehow feeeel so wealthy all day because you woke up that way somehow, or something happened that really made you feel that way….. undeniably, and significantly positive contrast, Level 2.3… those are the two that came to me… this blog post is Incredible…

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author


      Quite right. When things that you enjoy happen, especially if they are unexpected, there is definitely positive contrast.

      Good catch.


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