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I’m Falling in Love with Contrast

No we haven’t gotten physical yet.

It started out extremely rocky. Talk about a couple drama queens. Contrast would get all scary and I spent years tapping out a HopoPocoLoco Sedona Method Shadow Dance about it. I literally spent three years trading EFT sessions with people. I got so core that I could see my seeds.

I learned about my childhood, my babyhood, and all the distorted and all the weird things I think that were not serving me. I probably took it too far, because if you go looking for weird deep dark issues, Law of Attraction makes sure you’ll find them. My contrast was right there with me, fighting me every step of the way. Or maybe I was fighting it. I’m sure there was enough blame to go around. I blamed my mother, my father, my culture, my school, and my government. But it really didn’t get me anywhere. Not that it wasn’t justified. In fact, everything I felt was perfect, a perfect reflection of the thoughts I was thinking.

But that all changed. I changed. Paul, the Communion of Light, says that everything and everyone is here to serve you. If that’s true, then Contrast is here to serve me. The most obvious way is that it points out to me thoughts that are not in alignment with the truth of who-I-am. I have thought this for a couple of years, but it is not fun. Bad-feeling thoughts don’t feel good, even if they are helpful.

But lately, my relationship with contrast has evolved again. Now Contrast is helping me by keeping me on track. As I go through my day, focused on what I am wanting, Contrast gives me a nudge whenever my thoughts start to stray. So if I am sitting on my porch thinking about how I want my front yard to look, and I start to think about how I will be able to afford it, Contrast reminds me that I have strayed from my creation.

When I am thinking about how people will find out about my new book, Contrast reminds me that I don’t need to know how people will find it, the Universe will sort that out, I just need to know that I have decided that they will.

I like this new version of Contrast. No, I’m going to say it. I love this new version of Contrast.

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I’ve been busy lately which is why my blog posts have been few and far between. In addition to getting my book ready for print, I have found a couple other projects I want to tell you about.

First of all, I was consolidating my computer files and came across the eBooks I have written in the last decade or so. These books were well-received, but are now gathering virtual dust in deep storage. I found the guru Teal Swan because she quoted a passage from Your Intuition Compass in one of her videos. My daughter saw the quote and showed it to me. The EFT Quick-Start Method is my most popular book to date, and has been translated into 4 languages. So I’ve been dusting them off and putting them back out there on Chip’s Bookshelf.

Second, I’ve always wanted a forum where people could chat about Law of Attraction and help each other out with their challenges. I had a forum in the past, but I didn’t like the software, and didn’t put much into it. Now I have found a new program that I have been able to customize to my liking.

If you were a member of the old forum, you will need to re-register. Sorry.

The Beach Fire Law of Attraction Forum is brand new and there are only a few users. I invite you to be brave and be among the first posters. You don’t have to start sharing all your secrets, but if you come by and just say howdy, you’ll be helping me out by getting the ball rolling. Thanks, I appreciate it.

Am I just masking the problem?

Hey Chip!

A lot of times I will become heated, feel irritated or become generally charged up at things I read online. Things like bigotry, hate, racism, etc. I do recognize that these are reflections of my internal world and I do try to honor them as such, and ideally I will use them as opportunities to shift how I feel about them.

My question is in relation to action. One of my biggest triggers was the youtube comments section. Inevitably during any video I loved or found controversial, I would find myself automatically scrolling down and soaking up the comments; almost always to my detriment.

So what I did yesterday was install an add-on on my browser that blocked the comments altogether! Hey-presto! Now when I’m watching a video and scroll down, the comments are gone and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing I didn’t fall into that trap. It seems I have brought myself some ease and curbed the triggers. Or have I?

Now, the action I took has seemingly separated me from what I was feeling, but given my understanding of LOA – have I really solved anything? I was attracting those kind of feelings and triggers, so will they now just arise elsewhere?

Is there any practical use to what I did at all? Have I made any real difference to my experience and how I will feel in the long run?

Congratulations. You did everything perfectly. Not that you could have gotten anything wrong, but in terms of being a master manifester you were magnificent.

You experienced contrast. I hate bigotry. You honored that feeling, became okay with it, and it evolved away from you. From this contrast you made a decision. I want to experience YouTube without offending comments. In alignment with who you are, you found a piece of software, an idea that would create the very circumstance you were wanting. Using inspired action, you shifted your reality to actually have what you actually wanted.

You know it was in alignment with the truth of who you are because of the relief it brought you.

If and when you need to address more beliefs that you hold about the general topic of racism, you will have the opportunity. But in this case, you made a solid move in creating the reality you want to live in.

Time to pop the champagne corks

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Because of Starving Kids, I Don’t Deserve

Recently, I have been having random feelings of unworthiness. Its like they just come out of nowhere. I’m feeling good about my manifestations, and I feel like I’m REALLY CLOSE to having everything that I ever wanted, but every time I think about having the things, I just get this feeling that I can’t or don’t deserve to have it.

I feel bad because I know that not everyone in the world is happy and rich, and I feel unworthy of having a life full of happiness and abundance. I even feel bad about manifesting because its so “magical” and most people have to work so hard to get what they have. I UNDERSTAND ALL the concepts of how the universe works:

  • I understand that happiness is the purpose of our life.
  • I understand that being “selfish” is the only perspective we will ever have and that everything we will ever do is because we think its going to make us feel better.
  • I understand that I am an infinite being of light and love, that I am GOD and am worthy of everything that I ever asked for and more!

But why am I not feeling this way? What can i do or think to feel better?

This “issue” has only come up for me really recently. Usually I’m probably considered “selfish” by most of society as I’m usually one of those people that think i just deserve everything. I usually do not give a crap about what anyone else thinks but why am I all of a sudden thinking about starving kids in Africa?

This feeling is really holding me back from receiving everything I asked for, could it be a fear of success? Could it be that BECAUSE I know i am so close to getting everything, I just had to manifest a fear since a part of me does not want to receive everything? Please help!!

If you look back a couple years you will no doubt see that you have made incredible progress in the way you relate to contrast. But as you become better and better with contrast, your tolerance decreases. What never bothered you before now looms large.

But that really doesn’t matter much because it is now as big a deal as the previous “big deals” were two years ago. As you eliminate the “coarse” vibrational contrast, you are able to see the more subtle contrast. Because your tolerance is less, it feels just as bad.

However, no contrast can stand in the way of what you want unless you believe it can. And if you believe it can, then it becomes “bad”, and if you are judging it to be bad, you are resisting it.

However, contrast, like everything else is here to serve you. When you feel bad, you are simply pointing out thoughts that no longer serve you. In this case, the thought of you not deserving because there are starving people does not serve you.

Remember, you create your Universe—all of it. In the same way you assign roles to people in your world to present things you don’t like about yourself, you have created a country called Ethiopia, and within Ethiopia you created starving kids with their bones showing. Then you assigned roles to your friends to agree with you that there is a place called Ethiopia and that the starving people there are real.

Now there may be people who you think are starving, but the truth is you can only see your version of them, the part that to which you are a vibrational match. What they are really experiencing is not something you can know. They are in a sense serving you by appearing to be starving.

So what you are looking at really is just a thought that somewhere there are people less fortunate than you. It is just a thought. A thought that you can gather evidence for because Law of Attraction works that way. Anytime you posit something as true, you will find evidence to support how you are right about it.

In this case, you have created a nation of starving kids to point out your belief that you are not worthy of what you want. And as you stated, you are in fact worthy of anything you want.

So all you really have to do is be okay that you have thoughts of unworthiness. When you can be okay with those thoughts and feelings, your creations, you can choose a new thought or cluster of thoughts that feel better. This process of choosing thoughts that continually feel better or feel like relief will bring you more into alignment with the entirety of what you want to experience.

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A while back, I decided that my mission was to answer questions. I knew that if I was going to sustain this mission I would have to find a way to make it pay for itself. At the same time, I felt that our current economic system was lopsided and I wanted to embody a new model. Finally, I found the model that feels right for me. With the exception of my books which need a fixed price to play in the marketplace, everything on this site is pay what it is worth. If you want a one-on-one session with me, then at the end you pay what you think it was worth. If you get value from reading a blog post or getting a question answered in a forum, consider dropping what it was worth to you in Mr. Piggy to the right. This is me being the change I want to see.


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The 7 Levels of Contrast

When I taught college writing, I used to hate the style of theme papers that started with the definition of a word. Stephan King would never, ever start a novel this way, so of course, I have to.

Contrast noun – the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

Now of course, contrast is contrast. There are no levels, not even a sliding scale. And all contrast serves us. The fact that I can even make up something like this denotes that we have different levels of resistance to contrast. The number of “levels” is purely arbitrary and when I get done making them up, I’m going to have go back and change the number in the working title. So, without further ado…

Life’s Surfer’s Guide to Contrast Level Thingies.

Level 1 – Fundamental Contrast We came to be physically-focused to experience contrast from an existence where everything was light and love and the ecstatic version of boring. In physical existence, there is blue and there is pink, and we spend our lives choosing our preferences. Without contrast, we could not be able to distinguish between jazz and rock music, distinguish chocolate from caramel, or tell if you are having sex or hugging a tree.

Level 2 – Positive Contrast Positive contrast is where you look back in time and see how far you’ve come. I can say with certainty that when you look back a year or too and you remember how you thought about a particular topic, where you are now is a noticeable improvement. The reason I can say this you are always expanding. There is no going back or staying the same. Looking back to see how far you’ve come can be very therapeutic.

Level 3 – Thoughts that feel better Whenever you look for the thought that feels better, there is a positive contrast if indeed the thought you are thinking feels better or feels more like relief than the one you were just thinking. Likewise, if a thought feels worse, you will notice that “negative” contrast as well.

Level 4 – Negative Contrast This is a very popular contrast. This is when you notice the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. For instance, if you want a gazillion dollars, and you are reading a collection notice for your Star Trek Pez figurines, it’s not going to feel very good. This is a very good thing though. You can use this contrast to ramp up your desire by boldly going, “Fuck this shit. I’m going to have my gazillion dollars!” That declaration jumps you 3.2 levels on the emotional scale all by itself. I dare you to find a more efficient way to raise your vibes.

Level 5 – Navigational Contrast This is kinda like Level 3 contrast except it is more pronounced. You encounter this when you are just thinking or you are dreaming up something you want and you start to feel bad. You know that you have taken a wrong turn. This wrong turn can be minor, like don’t go that way. Or it can be Level 6 shit contrast, but some other day it will be the right time to deal with it. You can tell if it is better for you to put off dealing with this contrast because when you apply Level 3 contrast, it feels like relief to let it go for now.

Level 6 – Shit you gotta deal with Whenever you really decide you want something, contrast that points out the thoughts that run counter to you having what you want appear so you can deal with them. Now since you always have 9 hundred eleventy billion things you want at any given instant, this can arise pretty much at any time. The trick for dealing with shit contrast is to become okay with it so it can evolve away from you. How you do this could be the subject of an extended workshop.

Level 7 – Lifelong Contrast This is like Shit Contrast on steroids. This contrast has arisen from very early in life, maybe even from the vibrational influences in gestation. It is part of the plan you put into place to before you entered physically-focused reality. It is like your fundamental operating system. It is probably why you so desperately want to learn Law of Attraction.

I suspect that it is really just Shit Contrast that you haven’t quite become okay with, and it may remain in that state until you take your dirt nap. But even if you can’t become totally easy with it, it cannot stop you from having anything you want.

So what did I leave out? Feel free to leave a new level below. You can even create a sub-level, like level 3.2.21. Or the levels anti-contrast. Just remember mixing contrast and anti-contrast can be, well, very bad.

For those of you who read the last blog, you will not be surprised to find out that the bare bones computer I got in trade has a shit-load of blue lights in it. All computers in an MS home network have to be named. This computer is BLUEGLOW.

I’ve been subtly hinting that it would be a good idea to subscribe to my mailing list before the release of my book. (upper right). Try using Level 3 contrast to see if this might be a good idea for you. I will be working on the book today after this goes out.

BTW, how many of you got the obscure Ghostbusters reference in the last sentence of the blog?


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Dumping the Easy-peasy

If you’ve been following this blog you might notice that I am feeling my way around a bit to get my bearings. Last night I decided that I would remove the words “Easy-peasy” from my blog header. Law of Attraction may be a lot of things, but easy-peasy is not my experience. It sounds good to in a marketing sense, but it dishonors those of you who have had chosen a rough life so that you could become conscious creators.

To be fair to myself, I felt like I had “arrived.” Things were going my way on all fronts—albeit with a glitch here and there. Contrast is to be expected. I had made friends with contrast and had developed my own system of allowing the emotions to flow through me so the contrasting thoughts evolve away.

However, last week I encountered a problem. It felt better to sell my old hobby stuff: fishing boat, weight equipment, completion cowboy guns, and model railroad stuff. I have not done any of those hobbies for years, except the weight lifting, and If I don’t have to move that stuff and find space for them in a new home, it will be a lot easier. Besides money from the sales would fund my move if I so chose.

But I found that it was an incredibility difficult task to start. I encountered a wall of resistance that was out of proportion to the task. I had images of my mother making me clean my room, where it would take all day, with every toy put away taking an incredible amount of will power to accomplish. The feeling I should do the task brought up these feelings.

I knew that guilt was associated with the basement task, as other projects I had this year had the same tenor. I noticed then that I felt guilty if I didn’t do the project, and guilty while I was doing it for fear I was not doing it well enough. It was a lose-lose situation.

My non-physical mentor, Paul, suggested that I go into the basement, stand in the center, and then just feel around and do whatever task felt better. I couldn’t even go into the basement. I found things to do that felt like relief and conveniently kept me out of the basement. That was five days ago.

Three days ago, having avoided the dungeon for two days, I was in the netherworld between resting and sleep when the contrast became clear. Because I had been emotionally abandoned as a kid, I felt I had to do anything I could so my mother would feel better, and I lived in perpetual guilt that I was not doing enough. In her passive aggressive way, she would use guilt to manipulate me. This guilt-trip threw salt on my already guilt-ridden wounds and I got angry. This in turn made me feel guilty for being angry at my mom and the emotions spiraled out of control until I was paralyzed.

All of this was subsurface. What I experienced was just the paralysis. So, with this revelation, I was able to use my contrast technique and most of the stuff evolved away.

But I still stayed away from the basement. Yesterday, after 4 days of avoiding the dungeon, in a similar state of semi-sleep, I found that there were dozens of emotions, unrelated to each other bound up like a collection of yarn scraps clamoring to be released. I literally thought, “Calm down. I’ll get to all of you.” And one-by-one I cleared them. It took more than two hours never spending more than a minute or two on a single one.

Today, I went into the basement and there was no emotional charge. I took the words “Easy-peasy” off my header. There was nothing easy about any this.

I’ve reinstated the Ask Chip page. I invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to ask a tough question, especially if you are in a bad-feeling place. I’ll keep your identity hidden if I answer your question in my blog.


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I Judge Myself Against Ridiculous Standards

It’s true. For example: When I was a kid I used to watch Westerns. In one Western plot template, the hero had to cross the desert with very little water. The hero, of course, would drink less than his share of water so that everyone would live. Then he stumbles into town, beat to shit, lips cracked, half-blind, and falls into the arms of the good-hearted saloon girl, having saved all the women and children and lesser men–all except the corrupt Indian Agent who sold rifles to the Apaches, of course.

It doesn’t take a great leap of logic to see that for a kid who has to be perfect, he has to be one of the good guys. And good guys drink less water than everyone else. So from that time on, I stopped drinking water—okay not completely. I drank when I got really thirsty. But I subconsciously trained myself not to need water.

Newsletter readers continue here.

Now I don’t even think about water. I have to get really thirsty before I can drink it. Even then, I get into an internal debate about whether I really need water badly enough to stop what I’m doing to get it.

So based upon the fictitious good guy’s super-human abilities of denial and self-sacrifice, I don’t drink water—which I happen to love the taste of by the way. I do the same thing with fruit. Love the taste, but don’t eat it. Are you picking up the underlying vibration here? To be a good guy, you must sacrifice the things you need–for the greater good of course. That includes, dare I say it,


What a delicious point of contrast, no?

The contrast was to be expected. Any time you start a new creation you unearth the conflicting thoughts that delay the manifestation. Sometimes, the contrast is almost over-whelming. But the over-whelming contrast holds a diamond-in-the-rough. Powerful contrast yields powerful desire which you can leverage into a crystal-clear decision which you shout to the Universe, “I want what I want and I will have it.”

On the other hand, the hero contrast outlined above is more of a speed bump. You see it, recognize it for what it is, make a choice of what you want instead, and let it go.

I will allow myself to have what I like.

You never stop having contrast. Contrast is what steers you towards better and better feeling thoughts. And contrast by definition never feels good. But you change your interpretation of what contrast means and it becomes almost welcome. You become less tolerant of feeling bad and more interested in feeling better. So you let contrast do its thing and allow the bad feelings pass through you. The pesky thoughts are then free to evolve away from you.

In other words, you get more proficient at dropping resistance to the contrast.

And life gets better and better and better.

I’m thirsty. Can I get you a drink?

What if getting what you wanted was easy? What if all the scary emotions and bad-feeling thoughts you have yet to conquer were paper-tigers that you created to help you? How would that change your perception? Think about it and come back and share.


(c)2013 Chip Engelmann

The Contrast Medusa

I know what your thinking. You’re thinking that as soon as you imagine something you want and start following the Path of Least Resistance, it leads to a giant hedge maze. You know you have to go in, but you also know that inside, maybe not around the first turn, or the second, the Contrast Medusa waits.

But you are brave, and you really want what you want, so it has to be done.

As you start your journey you notice how beautiful the Path of Least Resistance really is. Even here in the maze, the sunlight lights up the walls strewn with white flowers with yellow centers and deep purple flowers with with burnt umber centers. All of which are tended by florescent white butterflies and shimmering green hummingbirds with ruby throats. You half expect to see Snow White kissing a bluebird…

A cloud suddenly looms over and a chill shudders every inch of your body. Three-inch thorns seem to sprout from every branch and they are dripping with something…poison. The Medusa is close. You can tell by how it feels.

Newsletter readers continue here.

You turn the corner and you see her for a split instance as you turn to stone—wha wha wha wha whaaaa sounds

and you find yourself back at the beginning of the level—the horror you just saw fading like an ancient memory.

As the cobwebs clear it suddenly occurs to you that even the Universe would not make a reality game without some way to defeat the monster. Think. A mirror! Everyone knows that the way you defeat the Medusa is to use a mirror. Check your imaginary tool belt. Not that pouch, the big compartment. The one labeled “Cosmetics.”

You extract the hand mirror and examine it. The frame back is heavy, silver with protruding gold inlay. Along the bottom is an engraved script. You lick your finger, rub it and it becomes clearer.

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.


Man, this mirror is garage-sale old.

But it will do. You set your jaw, throw back your shoulders and you are all like, “That Bitch is Toast.”

Focused and determined you set out. Pretty flowers yada yada yada, Snow White yada yada yada, poison thorns. You stop. She’s right around the corner. You ease the mirror out.

It actually does look like Uma Thurman only with that pukey, green-gray, caked-on, cracked make-up and that wiggly, snakey dredlocks thing going on. And you can’t help but be like, “Shit girl, get some respect.”

Then it dawns on you. The Contrast Medusa is just a thought. A bad-feeling thought, true, but there is nothing really a thought can do to hurt you.

You step out from behind the hedge corner, lock eyes with the monster, and challenge, “Bring it.”

You are filled with a sense of dread, dread that the emotion you are hiding from yourself is so intense and awful that you will be left a quivering mass of straight jacket velcroed to a padded wall.

But this Medusa is just a thought. Like that Double Indulgence chocolate cake you had for breakfast. It wasn’t that all that bad. I mean, it was made from organic chocolate and everyone knows that organic is good for you, and besides, what is a doughnut if not a round cake, and they are okay for breakfast.

Like that. Just a thought. So what if it feels like the taste of Listerine mixed with grapefruit juice. It is a thought you gave birth to many years ago and you just no longer like the meaning you’ve assigned it.

And as you are asking the Medusa, “Is that all you got?” the thought you’ve hidden from yourself starts to emerge. It is something like “I hate Mommy.” or “I’ll never be good enough for my daddy to love me,” or “The Yankees are the most suck-face team in baseball.”

When you gave birth to those thoughts they gave you a feeling of relief that was otherwise unavailable to you at that time. But as you grew older, you judged those thoughts against the cultural templates you adopted. It is evil to hate, especially your mother. I should honor my father and be grateful he provided for me. Okay, okay, there’s nothing that can exonerate the Damn Yankees, but you get it.

This thought, in order to serve you better, morphed from relief into a bad hair day bitch just to point out how this self-perception, this self-judgment no longer serves you. It is just doing it’s job.

Look at it just sitting there. Sad and misunderstood. It’s okay if you pet it. You can tell it you love it and thank it for protecting you if you like. It is what it is. It is just a thought. Be okay with it. Let it evolve away from you.

Relax. Have a sip of Felix Felicis (that’s Serendipity Juice to you Muggles.)

The Universe has got this.

Now you just have to chose which thought you would rather have instead. That Double Indulgence chocolate cake sounds pretty good to me.

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Right under that form is a credit for the artwork I used in my website header. There is a link shows the full-size image. The detail in that piece is incredible.

Post your thoughts in the comment section. Talk with you soon.


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