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Manifesting My Breakthrough Role

Hi Chip,

All of this ‘thinking thoughts that feel like relief’ is well and good, but is there a time when we should ‘review’ our manifestations? My dream is to become a well-known actress, I’m almost 24 now, I’ve had this dream for years and years, but only stumbled across LOA a little over a year ago. I have had some good gigs in the past (commercials, feature films, etc), but I want my ‘breakthrough’ role, the role that will define my whole career and I won’t have to audition from gig to gig or live on a struggling actor’s salary. I want to act in movies and be ‘successful’.

So about 2 months ago, I stumbled across a novel in a bookstore. Long story short, I found out that they are currently casting/making a movie for this same novel. I feel like I am the right person for the main character, so I felt inspired to contact the producer who’s also the author of the novel. A lot of synchronicities have happened around this event that I won’t get to the details, but basically the whole universe was/is saying to me “this is the part for you!”.

Only…2 months later, nothing happens. I don’t get a reply, I keep checking everyday to see if they have already casted (i would feel better to know that they’ve already casted than not knowing anything, at least then i can move on),but nothing. I know i should leave the ‘how’ to the universe, and only focus on what i really want which is a successful career as an actress, but I have told the universe “this or something better”, or “i just want to be happy” or “i want to have the career i want, I’m open to all ways in which it could come, whether that happens through this movie or not”. I have been saying these things and really feeling them for months and months and nothing is happening. I have read at another LOA blog that if its been 6 weeks and nothing happens then you should review/adjust your vibration, but for me its been years! I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong, i have released a lot of resistance in the past few months, i only do what feels good/or like relief, i really believe that it can happen for me, why isn’t it here yet?

In this case, it doesn’t feel better to just forget about this movie, because everything feels so ‘right’, i feel like the character was written for me! Her personality plus even the physical details are just like me. But it also doesn’t feel good to think about it, because I’ve visualized about this many many times that thinking more about it happening is just losing its charm or ‘novelty’ to me, and because its already been 2 months I’m losing faith that i will get to audition for it. Distract myself with something enjoyable? i have been doing that everyday for a long time.

I just don’t know what to think/do anymore…is it really too soon to take score? I feel like something would’ve already happened because I’ve been doing everything ‘right’! Please help…thanks!!


There are two questions that seem to underlie the situation as you state it above.

What am I doing wrong?

Is is time to give up?

The answer to the first is that it is impossible to do anything wrong. Your entire physical experience is your creation. You have created a place called Hollywood, and an industry where you get to pretend to be all kinds of people, and people who will adore you when you do so. You have also created the path as being difficult with people who judge you for all kinds of rational and irrational reasons. You have created producers and directors and casting directors who ignore you.

Notice there are things about what I said above that are in alignment with what you want and others that are not in alignment with what you want. Notice how you feel. There is nothing wrong with any of this. There are just things you like and don’t like about your creation.

The answer the second is that you can’t quit creating. But you can notice how you feel which is an indication of the vibrational distance between where you are and where you want to be. This is very much different than looking at your current creation, “what is,” and noticing that you don’t have what you want. “What is” is a reflection of what you have thought in the past and has no bearing on what you are creating.

When you decided you wanted this part, you created it along with the backstory of how you got to it. You are now living that backstory. Every thought and action you take will serve one of two functions. It will bring you closer to being in alignment with what you want or it will delay the having of what you want. Both are part of the process of you having what you want. Of course, following the better feeling thoughts and actions are bringing you more into alignment.

But consciously visualizing what you may not be bringing you more into alignment. Sometimes what happens is like ordering a book from Amazon. You place your order and select the free shipping option that will bring your book in 5 to 10 business days. Then when the fifth day comes and you notice you don’t have it, you cancel the order and order it again to make sure it is actually on the way.

But that scenario is entirely different from when you are just sitting around relaxing and you start to daydream about how it will be when you are playing off Leonardo DiCaprio and Merryl Streep. In the first you are telling the Universe you are not having what you want. And in the second, you are living fully in the vibration of the having of what you want. Again, notice how you feel when you read that.

There is no problem to solve. “Solving problems” is a cultural template propagated by an educational system. In order to solve a problem, you have to create a problem to solve. You can drop that whole notion by just being aware of what feels better and what feels worse.

When you ask if you should distract yourself with something that feels better, your words are correct, but your vibration is that of resignation.

You have already created your breakthrough role. You have felt it already. It is done. Now just relax and enjoy the process of how it unfolds, like you are reading a good mystery. Look for evidence of the Universe rearranging itself for your benefit. Look for clues of how things are working out. Don’t look for how it will happen like you need proof before it will, but rather watch like you are watching a painting develop from a blank canvas and delight in the splashes of color and form as they manifest.

You already know what you are doing. Just keep doing it.


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Life in a Friendly Universe

Hello Chip,

My question is about fear and procrastination. I currently work with kids and want to expand my business. My vision is to teach/facilitate meditation and guided imagery for relaxation, connecting to source and for help in school, anxiety etc. I enrolled in a course and am finished the course work portion but I need to videotape myself giving a class to kids and send the tape in to receive certification. I am completely procrastinating and feel a lot of fear. I believe I am feeling overwhelmed with the thought of success. I also feel totally unprepared to actually teach meditation. I feel like I am just not good enough. I envision a meditation teacher as someone who is a spiritual guru, wears the clothes and is forever in a Zen like state and has all the answers. One thing I do know is that I am great with kids. I oscillate between being very excited and absolute dread. I know that this is a desire because I read the back of a kids meditation book and thought to myself “this is what I want to do” and then the course literally fell into my lap with very little effort in a very short period of time. I simply followed my inspiration to act.

When I opened my other business I felt very little fear and I am always into trying new things. For some reason in this particular area my confidence is really bad. It’s as though I am afraid of dreaming too big for fear it will not come true. My head is swimming with ideas and I feel my creative and business juices really flowing, however I am afraid of getting excited and then failing. I have never been afraid to fail before in my life and have experienced failure a LOT! Maybe those failures simply didn’t mean as much to me so it didn’t matter as much? I am really feeling quite stuck.

Einstein once said, “The most important question a person can ask is, “Is the Universe a friendly place?”

Indeed, how we answer that question is significant. When I first answered it, I was like, “of course it is friendly,” but my actions, my words, and my vibration did not align with the idea of it being friendly.

In my world at that time, I was a victim of my thoughts, having adapted them from ugly experiences as a child and the cultural templates my parents believed. I was constantly on a quest to find that one last “block” that kept me from having what I wanted, and each discovery was a new layer of the never-ending onion.

A world where you are broken and where all contrast boils down to searching for what is wrong with you is not a friendly place.

So what would a friendly Universe look like?

In a friendly Universe, everything and everyone in it would be there to serve you. Every time I say this I think of a Mark Twain quote that I will probably get wrong:

“Every man I meet makes me happy, some when the arrive and others when they leave.”

You see, this Universe is all about contrast. It is the contrast that makes it so interesting (and not in a Chinese curse kind of way.) Without contrast we couldn’t distinguish between blue and orange. Since we can distinguish the two we are able to decide which one we prefer. In this way, we can create a world based upon our preferences.

In very simplistic terms, we keep making these choices and it is our decisions of what we prefer that determine our experiences. As we create these experiences, sometimes we change our minds or decide that we want something more. When that happens, sometimes the thoughts that we have been holding collide with thoughts that are in alignment with the new experiences we are wanting. And so we have Contrast with a capital C and it doesn’t feel good..

The sole purpose of this contrast is to allow you to chose which thought you prefer. Your intuition helps you determine which thoughts are in alignment with what you want by showing you how you feel when you think those thoughts. The ones that feel better or like relief are in alignment with what you want, and thoughts that feel worse are delaying what you want.

So let’s take your experiences with your studies and look at them in a friendly Universe.

I read the back of a kids meditation book and thought to myself “this is what I want to do” and then the course literally fell into my lap with very little effort in a very short period of time. I simply followed my inspiration to act.

Just as it should be.

I enrolled in a course and am finished the course work portion but I need to videotape myself giving a class to kids and send the tape in to receive certification.

Doing great here.

I am completely procrastinating and feel a lot of fear.

In our society, we are taught that procrastination is a sign of weakness. We should, in the words of the late Roger Miller, “Just knuckle-down, buckle-down, do-it do-it do-it.” We should push through whatever it is that is standing in our way and grab the glory.

But the meaning of procrastination changes if you are living in a world where everything is here to serve you. What if procrastination was just your intuition telling you that your timing isn’t right, and you needed to wait a bit?

If you let procrastination be your intuition about timing, there is no need to go down the rabbit hole of:

  • There must be something wrong with me.
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed with the thought of success.
  • OMG, I must be totally unprepared to teach meditation…

If you think back, as you started thinking these thoughts, you started feeling worse and worse. Your intuition was telling you, “These thoughts are not true. They do not serve you.” And you knew this. But you were procrastinating and there had to be a reason for it. Law of Attraction being what it is, brought you thoughts that provided evidence to support your adopted definition of procrastination.

So if you just change the meaning of procrastination you will see that, like always, you are/were not doing anything wrong.

In fact, everything is working out for you perfectly. Not only did you manifest a way to get back on track, (by following your intuition,) you learned that you can trust your intuition even more than you have before.

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What Color is My Bear-assed Career?

When my desires aren’t being manifested quickly enough (specifically my career at this point), there are partial manifestations here and there tho…what do you suggest me to do? Should I focus more intensely, distract myself with things that make me happy, or follow the “go general” technique by Abraham?

Let’s start with a problem:

You travel in a straight line exactly one mile south. You turn west and travel exactly one mile. You turn north and travel exactly one mile bringing you back to your starting point. Sitting on the exact spot you left is a bear. What color is the bear?

Your career is this bear. You don’t know what color it is but you wish it would get off it’s fat ass and get moving. Maybe if you hang some salmon out in front of it it will move, I mean, bears like salmon, right? You can get canned salmon at the grocery store, or that GMO stuff at the deli. I wonder which would work better.

We live in a society that values problem solving. We are taught that in order to get anything you have to set it up as a problem.

You define the problem:

  • My career is sitting on it’s fat ass.

You state what you know to be true:

  • I have experience in shopping.
  • I am educated in the varieties of salmon.
  • The market for GMO salmon is currently down.
  • Bears smell bad and shed.
  • No one is hiring people who can’t move a bear.

And you isolate variables:

  • X=what I have to do to get this bear moving.

When you set your career up as a problem to be solved, guess what you get? That’s right, you get a problem. It is the way we have been taught to deal with life. You isolate a problem and go about solving it.

So what would life look like if it wasn’t a problem to be solved? What if it was already perfect? What if what you have right now is exactly what you want.

Take a second and look around you. Everything you see, smell, taste, and imagine is your creation. The part that might be hard to comprehend is that it is exactly what you want it to be. It is a perfect match to you vibrationally.

But what about your fat-assed career?

There are parts of the world you created, even though it is perfect match to what you want not, that you don’t like and want to change. Your career is one of them. You simply have conflicting thoughts and that conflict shows up in the form of contrast. Typically what is happening is you’re protecting yourself from what you think the change you want to make means.

If I have a career, it means I won’t have as much time to spend with the kids.

I really don’t want to work at all. I’m just doing it for the money.

If I get money without working I’m a leach. So I need a career.

I need a career to be somebody.

Which brings up another point. The vibration of career and the vibration of money are not related. They appear to be related because of the meaning we have given it. But it is a no pain-no gain myth. Career in the LOA sense of the word is something that you want to do because you want to do it. If money were not involved, you would do it for fun.

Money can come to you through an infinite number of channels. It does not have to be limited to work, welfare and charity.

So when you say you want your career manifest quicker, are you wanting to expand the joy of doing what you love, or do you really want the money you think it will bring? The answer can be both.

So you know that your creation is perfect and now you want to experience more. This comes through an interconnected process of desire-contrast-allowing-alignment. (See Communion of Light, Correlating Wealth)

Let’s assume for a moment that what you really want is money not career. The same principles apply no matter what you want. The first step is to feel what it would be like to have that money. You increase your desire. Then let it go. It will either manifest or contrast will arise. Again the contrast is just there to serve you by pointing out your conflicting thoughts. Everything in your life, every person you meet is here to serve you. Some serve you by helping you define what it is you don’t want.

If you let the contrast be your ally, and allow it to be what it is, it will show you what thought is running counter to what you want. Usually, that thought is one you put in place to protect you. If you feel that the thought no longer serves you (hint: if it feels bad it doesn’t) you can replace it with one that feels more in alignment with what you are wanting.

You then let it be what it is and the money you want will either manifest or contrast will arise. Rinse and repeat.

You see, you are not doing anything wrong and you never have. There is no problem so there is no problem to solve. You only have what you are creating and how you want it to change. Let the Universe sort out how. You just have to allow it to happen and make decisions about what you want when contrast arises. Personally, I would choose to go with the thoughts that feel better or like relief. If the thought doesn’t feel good, I’d drop it like it was a bag of alligator snot.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Dropping the idea of problem solving is a new concept and your life has been about solving problems since you were very young. It is only natural that you will try to figure out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. But you can’t get it wrong.

It is all about starting right here right now, and doing what feels better (or like relief). And then doing it again.

Like how you felt when you decided to ask your question.

Keep doing that.

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As some of you already know, I have created a new program to make it easier for some people to engage in sessions with me. I call it, “Pay What You Want Thursdays.” And that is how it works. You have a session. Then you pay what you want. You can find out more here.


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Button, Button, Goose

Last night I got into a conversation about being true to your spiritual gifts rather than buttonholing yourself to what you think you should be doing. I was using my own life as an example because, well, I know it better than most. I pointed out how even though I was successful, even good at being a healer, it was ultimately unfulfilling. Coaching followed the same pattern.

Each of us has a unique combination of spiritual gifts. We are builders, teachers, healers, leaders, enablers, organizers, metaphysicians, creators and smart asses. We usually excel at 2-3 of these gifts. No one is like anyone else.

What tickles my spiritual goose is writing, mentoring and making people blow coffee on their keyboards.

Newsletter readers continue here.

I excel at understanding the nature of things. When I was a businessman I could walk into any enterprise and glean how it operated and where the profit came from. It was second nature. I did the same thing as a healer. I understood the metaphysics of how and why a person became sick and was able to convey that information back to the client.

So my strengths are metaphysics and teaching. I like nothing better than to sit and ponder the workings of the Universe. And I do–so much so that I find that I have very few people whom I can talk to that share my passion. I share through writing. My abilities to communicate allow me to create metaphors to explain the virtually unexplainable. If I can make my writing funny so much the better.

Master Channel, Frank Butterfield, once called me an unconscious channel. I’m pretty sure he meant it in a good way, but as long as I can remember, when I think or talk about a subject, it is as if I download information from the Universe. A person I met in a jacuzzi called this claircognizance. I’ve never heard that term before. I’m not even sure it is in the spelling ballpark.

When I write, I also tap into this information source and it in turn, feeds my metaphysical jones. In other words, my job is doing what feels good to me. I laugh out loud when I write. Doing what you love and getting what you want by doing so is a key feature to Life Surfing.

Another question that came out of this conversation was: What is the difference between being a teacher, a coach, and a mentor? On the surface they seem very similar. A teacher imparts knowledge, a coach draws out person’s strategy and creates accountability, and a mentor demonstrates through example and helps the client follow a similar path. Mentoring is the best fit for me for one-on-one work—and I still get to enjoy the high of creating the spiritual space involved in coaching and healing.

Spiritual skills are those skills that seem so normal that you just assume that everyone does these things. It was through trial and error that I figured out that using my innate abilities was not only the most enjoyable way to live, but the most productive as well.

So… What are your spiritual skills and how do you use them to enjoy your experience?

In case you haven’t noticed, I created a Facebook chat group so you could talk about these blog posts behind my back. If you want to join go there and ask.


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