Q: What ‘Loopholes’ are keeping me from getting paid?

Hi Chip,

I’m still trying to get my head around putting the theory of LOA into practice in my life. I have been following my feelings and taking inspired action, but things aren’t working out for me in the way I expected. For example, I set up a counseling website (inspired, good feeling action) and got three clients. I got myself into a high vibration and responded to them, and felt really good about it. I got positive feedback from one client saying that I really touched and helped her, but none of the clients payed me for the service. I then noticed I had some more limiting beliefs about money, and worked on them, but still haven’t received payment. I feel like giving up. I am not sure what to do now.

I have read some more LOA material lately that suggests there are a few ‘loopholes’ that could be preventing me from getting what I want:

  1. I am not in a high enough vibration to be a match to what I want;
  2. What I think I want isn’t for my ‘highest good’;
  3. What I think I want isn’t really what I want.

So how do I tell which of the three ‘loopholes’ apply? I have done pretty well manifesting what I wanted in the past, as they were more ‘pedestrian’ things. Now I want to take it up a notch and really create the reality I desire, but every time I try it appears to fail spectacularly. Perhaps the contrast is serving me by giving me the motivation to ask this question!

I’d love to hear your perspective on this. Thank you.

* * *

Well, my perspective is that you are doing everything right. Perhaps the most significant thing that is working for you is your emotional compass.

Let’s walk through what happened. You followed what felt better and set up a website. You got three clients who liked your work, but they didn’t pay you. You took that contrast, pivoted on it, and decided what you wanted instead. You want clients that pay you for your work.

This is working just as it should. The next step is to follow the thought or action that feels better or what feels like relief. What came up is more contrast, which sometimes is the path that feels better. This contrast is merely pointing out thoughts that are not aligned with you getting what you want. In this case, it is a cluster of thoughts that came to you in form of a cultural template.

In school you were taught to solve problems by examining the data and isolating the variables. In essence, you define the problem.

For example, you might be asked: find the pressure exerted on a one square-foot metal plate on the base of a dam at a depth of 250 feet below water-level.

You know that atmospheric pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level and that you increase pressure at the rate of one atmosphere every 32 feet of depth. So, if you let x=the pressure on the plate, you just have to solve for x.

Now if you apply this problem-solving system to the problem of your clients not paying you, you take what you know to be true, and assign a variable. You know that you create your world through your thoughts and that each thought has a vibration. So if you are not getting the stuff you want, then your vibration and the thoughts you are thinking must be wrong. So x=wrong thoughts.

So now you have your assertion. Law of Attraction kicks in and brings you evidence to support your assertion. You manifested “the loopholes” as evidence that wrong thoughts are at play.

The thing is that it all felt like shit. You couldn’t tell one loophole from another vibrationally because they all felt like shit. Finally it felt so awful that you threw up you hands in disgust and you did the only thing you could do.

You gave up.

And that felt so much like relief.

And in this vibration of relief you had an inspired action that felt even more like relief: you wrote me an email.

You then poured all these emotions out onto a page and declared vibrationally, “I’m done with all this crap. Universe you sort this out.”

Again more relief.

You made the decision that you wanted paying clients and contrast that involved a “problem-solving” cluster of thoughts arose. You did this to show yourself that there is no problem to be solved. There is nothing wrong with you. Give up problem-solving and the Universe will sort this out for you.

You manifested me to reflect back to you the message your Higher Self is telling you.

You did everything perfectly. Your emotional compass led you right through this contrast. You now know what thoughts aren’t serving you.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect just as you are. There is no problem to be solved. Everything you felt was perfect. Relax and let the Universe sort this out.

Now what do you want from here?

I took down the forum on my site because it was slowing the site down to a crawl. I’m in the process of moving to a new server to speed things up even more. I’ll try re-installing the forum once everything is set up. Thanks for your patience.


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13 thoughts on “Q: What ‘Loopholes’ are keeping me from getting paid?

  1. Julie Bernstein Engelmann

    Perhaps the contrast of the clients not paying simply shows you that you want to have clients pay when they book the appointment instead of after. As your business gets bigger, you will see it as a blessing that these messy kinds of experiences happen early on so you can correct them easily.

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      Good point Julie.

      It’s true that a piece of contrast I carried into each session is how and when to ask for payment. I would then surrender the idea then notice when the opportunity arose. But when I decided that I would get paid as part of the appointment setting process, then in the session, all I had to do was allow myself to go to “my space.” It also cut down on people cancelling at the last moment.


  2. Querent

    Hi Chip,

    Thanks for answering my question! I really appreciate your answer and for being my higher self by proxy. 🙂

    I did set up my website with instructions for clients to pay first, but the three clients all came in on the same day and none of them paid before submitting their question. I was excited to start my new venture and thought because it was clear from the content of my site that it was a paid service, that people wouldn’t submit a question without being willing to pay at some point. There has been a definite theme in my life lately of getting into situations where I end up giving away my skills and expertise for free. There has been some reliance on the other party to honour their side of the agreement, and in each case they fail to do so. As I’ve noticed the theme, I’ve been looking for ‘what’s wrong with me’ to find a solution, as you have said. I thought I already knew that I wanted to be appreciated and rewarded and well-compensated for my work, that is what I have been repeatedly asking for during the last three years I spent underpaid and unappreciated in a job I hated. Is this experience serving me by strengthening that wanting?

    Actually, I see another layer as I write this – one of these similar experienced involved me ending an arrangement because I wasn’t receiving what I was promised in return for my work. It required that I draw a boundary and stand up for myself (which I have found difficult in the past), which again re-affirms that I have value and *deserve* to be paid and appreciated. In the past I didn’t feel deserving, now I am obviously beginning to feel like I do.

    Oh my goodness, I can see other levels of how this is playing out. This *is* all as it should be. Growing up, my Dad continually reminded me of how much I cost to raise (he literally tallied it all up over my life) and ‘joking’ (but seriously) saying that I had to study hard and get a good job so I could pay him back. This and other scenarios with my parents left me feeling that it wasn’t safe for me to receive anything from anyone and I didn’t deserve to receive, to be safe I had to provide everything I needed for myself and not ‘be a burden’. I have been working on this belief over the last few years, beginning to open myself to the idea that I deserve to receive. Then I got made redundant from my job, have been unemployed for the last 5 months and have exhausted my savings. My partner is now willingly and lovingly supporting me financially. My chiropractor offered to provide services for free until I get a job. I visited a friend yesterday and she gave me two very expensive dresses. There’s a theme here!

    Thanks for giving me a space to work all of this out! Everything *is* exactly as it should be! Duh! 😉

    So the next step is to just relax and let go? That makes sense. Yesterday I happened to see two interviews with David Bowie (a favourite artist of mine), that were filmed 5 years apart with different interviewers etc, and in each of those interviews he said “Right now my goal is to enjoy the next 24 hours as much as I can.” Message received – loud and clear.

    Thank you so much, Chip. You have really helped me to get my head around this. *appreciative hugs*

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      So, are you ready to send them a Paypal invoice, or have you already done so?


      1. Querent

        I sent them an invoice. Two people cancelled the invoice and called me a scammer, saying that they expected the advice to be free, even though my rates are clearly displayed on my website. They say it was my choice to provide the responses. I suppose they are right. I followed my feelings and answered them, I was so excited to have some clients and I thought they just misunderstood the checkout process or wanted to receive their answer before they paid. It never occurred to me that they didn’t realise it was a paid service or had no intention of paying me. I wanted to do this kind of work, it feels good to help people, and I think it’s reasonable to receive *something* in return. I didn’t receive any response from the third person.

        The better feeling thought is that this contrast is serving me somehow, but it feels pretty bad right now! It’s seems like following my feelings just led me into more contrast. Now only do they feel that my work is worth nothing, but they think I’m scamming them.

        I responded politely and I am not going to pursue payment any further. I guess the better feeling stance to adopt is that everything always works out for me, and soon I will see how this situation will (but you can probably tell I am not thoroughly convinced)! 😉

        Thank you for your interest and responses, Chip. I’ll recommend you to my friends and when I have a paying job I would have no hesitation paying for your advice.

        1. Chip Engelmann Post author


          There are a couple of things here. Remember, you create your universe and everything in it. When you create contrast you do so magnificently with direction arrows that point out what you don’it like.

          Two people called me a scammer

          When you create someone to point out what you don’t like, it is worth taking note. In this case, you hold belief that this business is a scam. The fact that it feels bad is an indication that the belief is false.

          I responded politely and I am not going to pursue payment any further. I guess the better feeling stance to adopt is that everything always works out for me, and soon I will see how this situation will (but you can probably tell I am not thoroughly convinced)!

          This statement feels more like resignation than relief. What is is it you are resigned to? This contrast probably dates back to your early childhood. Who made you feel worthless? (If that is what it is? Use your own words here.) Don’t fight the contrast let it take you on a journey. Sure there will be parts that feel bad, but you will get accustomed to letting the emotions flow. The reason it feels worse than it could is because of the belief that how you feel is somehow a reflection on you. Remember emotions are just information that indicate the vibrational difference (contrast) between what thoughts you are holding and what you want.

          If you let it be okay to feel the way you feel, you shift your attention off “you as a bad person” and onto the thought that you are holding that no longer serves you. It might be something as simple as “I feel worthless because my father ignores me,” but you have to find the thought that resonates with you. Once you do, you can decide how you would rather feel. Then it is just a matter of noticing when your old habit arises (contrast) and reminding yourself of you new thought.

          Believe me, as you get better at this skill, it not only becomes easier, but you start to get a little excited because you know it means you are getting closer to having what you want.


  3. Querent

    Hi Chip,

    Back again to let you know I’ve found the thoughts that were no longer serving me. The universe has been flashing neon signs about this for months, but a few weeks ago my friend mentioned to me that she suffers from ‘impostor syndrome’ which I had never heard of. I did a bit of reading about it and it sounded exactly like me. I have never been able to really feel a sense of achievement about anything I am good at or have accomplished. For years I have been making art and singing, and despite receiving praise and recognition from others about these abilities I still felt like I was ‘not good enough’. I have done the same type of work for the last ten years and received plenty of praise and positive feedback but always felt like a beginner and a fraud. In fact, it has now come to my attention that I feel like a fraud and a fake a lot of the time about a lot of things.

    I have investigated the syndrome and apparently it is very common in adults who come from families:

    a) who had unrealistic expectations;
    b) who displayed a high level of criticism;
    c) that were violent and abusive.

    Check, check, check. While reading, I remembered the times when I would come home with a 90% on a test and my father would ‘jokingly’ ask “Where’s the 10%?” The times when he told me I could choose my career, as long as I chose a doctor or a lawyer, so I could support him and my mother in their old age. I never felt I was good enough for him and I have continued to feel like I am not good enough for myself or others. So thank you, you were absolutely right, once again. Now when those thought patterns come up, I know where they’re from and that they’re not true. The reality is that I am a talented and accomplished young woman. I’ll reinforce these positive thoughts and let you know what happens, if you would like me to.

    Thanks again for your help. You’ve been wonderful!

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author


      I think I’ll just say it. You can grab your sling shot and shoot my eye out if want.

      Logical problem solving is perfect for assembling an Ikea end table but it doesn’t work as well with finding the source thought if contrast. You have to feel your way into it.

      To release the thought you have to be okay with it. You have to see the context of the thought and understand why it brought you relief. And you have to unpeel the judgement of yourself you wrapped around it. You can’t think your way to it. You have to feel every bit of the emotions. The only pain involved is the resistance you have to what you feel.

      Identifying and understanding “the issue” is interesting, but not as useful as it could be. You’re going to have to get dirty.


  4. Amy

    Hi Chip,

    I wanted to say thanks so much for answering this question (and to the person who asked!) This happens to me ALL THE TIME with LOA only with romance instead of money.

    I thought that I had figured out my limiting beliefs only to then start feeling not so great again when my dream guy didn’t show up. Instead of focusing on what I want instead (for dream guy TO in fact show up) I got caught up in thinking that I must have been thinking the wrong way – or doing it wrong – when in fact – everything was working just fine! The contrast was showing me what I need to be focusing on instead. I get it!

    Looking forward to the next post.

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      Welcome Amy,

      Certainly relationships is one of the big LOA three: the other two being money & health. Feel free to ask a personal question. on the Ask Chip page. I’ll keep it anonymous.

      But you are right, the principles are the same.


  5. Querent

    Right again, Chip. Thanks for your patience with me! 😉 Felt my way into it, went on the journey and arrived back at “I am worthless”. I allowed those feelings to come up and be felt. Ouch. So now I just watch for those thoughts and redirect to something that feels better?

  6. Chip

    Yes. It helps if you create a new strategy of how you want to feel about yourself. But following thoughts that feel like relief is never a bad strategy.


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