Meta-human Agent Orange Ascends to Seat of Power

Central City: To the dismay of many, meta-human Agent Orange, with his superpower, the ability to weave bullshit into the fabric of reality, has ascended to the national Seat of Power. Super Fly, 8-year holder of the Seat advises us, (barely suppressing a grin), to “Give him a shot,” as he watches Agent Orange, armed with his Twitter-blade, descend into the swamp to rid it of gators.

And it’s just as it should be. The Universe of Your Thoughts is always working for you and on your behalf.

And don’t mourn the Burning Man. He pointed out the possibilities.

As a metaphysician, I watched 4 years ago as the world was coming into a new era. I listened as the aliens, ghosts and gurus all told us that as we make the shift, people who resist the change will rise up in a last attempt to hold onto their perception of power. I now remember the role I vowed to play in this transition. I had become consumed in the waking nightmare of recent events like many others.

The evolution of consciousness, however, does not play out on debate stage nor is covered by the social media click-bait memes. Instead, it is the product of choosing better-feeling thoughts. Agent Orange, the Wicked Witch of the Left and their click-bait minions are merely projections of thoughts that are too painful to feel. They are contrasting thoughts, cast as the other, so we can look at them with relative objectivity, and say with certainty, “I don’t want that!” We then have opportunity to declare what we want instead.

Then we find the thought that feels better. And then we find the thought that feels better than that one. And the one that feels better than that. Thus, we shift our Universe.

Agent Orange is no longer aligned with the Universe of Your Thoughts. He no longer exists. The world has become a projection of your better feeling thoughts, and you have aligned yourself with the higher consciousness that has been foretold.

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4 thoughts on “Meta-human Agent Orange Ascends to Seat of Power

  1. Dana

    Thanks for this, Chip!
    I came across you a couple years ago…I think on Teal Swan’s forum…and I always resonated with your ideas on LOA. I had totally forgotten about you until a couple mornings ago. I woke up with the notions of “find the thoughts that feel better” and “Sedona” swirling in my head along with a strong pull to “find” you. For the last coupe of days, I’d been racking my brain trying to remember your name and info to no avail. That forum is long gone. At one point I remembered your name might begin with CH. Chuck? So, last night before bed I asked the ether for help in this. Low and behold this morning after inserting my Java IV, “Chip!” popped into my mind! A miracle, really, being that my ADD really screws with my memory…I’m TERRIBLE with names and dates. Anyway after a little sleuthing, here I am. So now the question, “Why?”. Why this compulsion to find you? Maybe it was for the insight of this blog post-much needed and appreciated, by the way. Maybe it was for the lesson that I CAN ask for help and receive an answer out of nowhere. The bedtime intent thing WORKED! Or maybe it’s something else……We’ll see!
    I remember now, you had recently moved to Sedona when I first “met” you online. I hope you are LOVING it and happy! I had the pleasure of visiting there a year ago for a workshop in an energy healing modality…..and I will be returning for the culmination workshop for my certification next year. VERY much looking forward to returning and exploring and reveling in “me time”!!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Chip Post author

      Glad to see you back. I haven’t been back to the Teal site in a while. Have been writing and volunteering at Montezuma’s Well National Monument. I should check in on the new Teal site.


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