Manifesting My Breakthrough Role

Hi Chip,

All of this ‘thinking thoughts that feel like relief’ is well and good, but is there a time when we should ‘review’ our manifestations? My dream is to become a well-known actress, I’m almost 24 now, I’ve had this dream for years and years, but only stumbled across LOA a little over a year ago. I have had some good gigs in the past (commercials, feature films, etc), but I want my ‘breakthrough’ role, the role that will define my whole career and I won’t have to audition from gig to gig or live on a struggling actor’s salary. I want to act in movies and be ‘successful’.

So about 2 months ago, I stumbled across a novel in a bookstore. Long story short, I found out that they are currently casting/making a movie for this same novel. I feel like I am the right person for the main character, so I felt inspired to contact the producer who’s also the author of the novel. A lot of synchronicities have happened around this event that I won’t get to the details, but basically the whole universe was/is saying to me “this is the part for you!”.

Only…2 months later, nothing happens. I don’t get a reply, I keep checking everyday to see if they have already casted (i would feel better to know that they’ve already casted than not knowing anything, at least then i can move on),but nothing. I know i should leave the ‘how’ to the universe, and only focus on what i really want which is a successful career as an actress, but I have told the universe “this or something better”, or “i just want to be happy” or “i want to have the career i want, I’m open to all ways in which it could come, whether that happens through this movie or not”. I have been saying these things and really feeling them for months and months and nothing is happening. I have read at another LOA blog that if its been 6 weeks and nothing happens then you should review/adjust your vibration, but for me its been years! I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong, i have released a lot of resistance in the past few months, i only do what feels good/or like relief, i really believe that it can happen for me, why isn’t it here yet?

In this case, it doesn’t feel better to just forget about this movie, because everything feels so ‘right’, i feel like the character was written for me! Her personality plus even the physical details are just like me. But it also doesn’t feel good to think about it, because I’ve visualized about this many many times that thinking more about it happening is just losing its charm or ‘novelty’ to me, and because its already been 2 months I’m losing faith that i will get to audition for it. Distract myself with something enjoyable? i have been doing that everyday for a long time.

I just don’t know what to think/do anymore…is it really too soon to take score? I feel like something would’ve already happened because I’ve been doing everything ‘right’! Please help…thanks!!


There are two questions that seem to underlie the situation as you state it above.

What am I doing wrong?

Is is time to give up?

The answer to the first is that it is impossible to do anything wrong. Your entire physical experience is your creation. You have created a place called Hollywood, and an industry where you get to pretend to be all kinds of people, and people who will adore you when you do so. You have also created the path as being difficult with people who judge you for all kinds of rational and irrational reasons. You have created producers and directors and casting directors who ignore you.

Notice there are things about what I said above that are in alignment with what you want and others that are not in alignment with what you want. Notice how you feel. There is nothing wrong with any of this. There are just things you like and don’t like about your creation.

The answer the second is that you can’t quit creating. But you can notice how you feel which is an indication of the vibrational distance between where you are and where you want to be. This is very much different than looking at your current creation, “what is,” and noticing that you don’t have what you want. “What is” is a reflection of what you have thought in the past and has no bearing on what you are creating.

When you decided you wanted this part, you created it along with the backstory of how you got to it. You are now living that backstory. Every thought and action you take will serve one of two functions. It will bring you closer to being in alignment with what you want or it will delay the having of what you want. Both are part of the process of you having what you want. Of course, following the better feeling thoughts and actions are bringing you more into alignment.

But consciously visualizing what you may not be bringing you more into alignment. Sometimes what happens is like ordering a book from Amazon. You place your order and select the free shipping option that will bring your book in 5 to 10 business days. Then when the fifth day comes and you notice you don’t have it, you cancel the order and order it again to make sure it is actually on the way.

But that scenario is entirely different from when you are just sitting around relaxing and you start to daydream about how it will be when you are playing off Leonardo DiCaprio and Merryl Streep. In the first you are telling the Universe you are not having what you want. And in the second, you are living fully in the vibration of the having of what you want. Again, notice how you feel when you read that.

There is no problem to solve. “Solving problems” is a cultural template propagated by an educational system. In order to solve a problem, you have to create a problem to solve. You can drop that whole notion by just being aware of what feels better and what feels worse.

When you ask if you should distract yourself with something that feels better, your words are correct, but your vibration is that of resignation.

You have already created your breakthrough role. You have felt it already. It is done. Now just relax and enjoy the process of how it unfolds, like you are reading a good mystery. Look for evidence of the Universe rearranging itself for your benefit. Look for clues of how things are working out. Don’t look for how it will happen like you need proof before it will, but rather watch like you are watching a painting develop from a blank canvas and delight in the splashes of color and form as they manifest.

You already know what you are doing. Just keep doing it.


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14 thoughts on “Manifesting My Breakthrough Role

  1. Barb WIlliams

    Chip, just got to this. I would like to discuss:

    “Solving problems” is a cultural template propagated by an educational system. In order to solve a problem, you have to create a problem to solve.

    I would like to offer a different point of view. Some people have knowledges and skills that allow them to be problem solvers. They solve problems created by others or problems that evolved out of circumstances. But they go into action once a problem has been identified. I spent a lot of my career helping others to solve problems as a facilitator or mentor. Not all problems can be solved. Maybe the whole discussion is perception. There are the expressions:

    “There are no problems, only opportunities” ~ Bill Austin

    “There are no problems, only solutions.” – John Lennon

    There are problem solving techniques and processes that people use to improve situations or to improve processes. So are we in the glass half full/half empty situation here? I took a risk management class one time. The instructor said that a problem is a risk that was not managed properly. Hummmmmmm

    1. Chip Post author


      The differences in our points of view of “problem solving” is that of context. I would say that nothing exists outside the universe of your thoughts. I think you would argue that there are events and people outside of the Universe of your thoughts that have influence on your experience.

      If you create the entirety of your experience, then you create problems to be solved. If you are influenced from outside your experience, then you can solve problems created by others.


      1. Barb WIlliams


        Thanks for the reply. As you know I am a mathematician and a logical thinker. Your concepts are new to me. My life has been in turmoil since my husband was killed. Emotional thinking and logical thinking get mixed some times for me. Well, maybe more than I want to admit. My universe is somewhat chaotic. I am finding out that helping others and paying it forward are instrumental in getting to a better state. I am a work in progress.

        Next time we get together we must delve into this more.


        1. Chip Post author

          You sure you want to go down that rabbit hole?

          Just kidding. Too bad you won’t be around for Thanksgiving. Probably will be there with the whole crew.


  2. The Asker

    Thanks for your answer Chip!! Im grateful for the insight.

    I understand that there isn’t anything you can do ‘wrong’, but lets say for the sake of discussion, right = being in alignment, following the thoughts that feel better, speeding up manifestations and wrong = focussing negatively, do not follow the thought that feels like relief, creating resistance on the path to manifestations etc

    So now, if its something that I’ve wanted for a while and i have been feeling really good most of the times, shouldn’t it be a good idea to review why it isn’t here yet? (ps: i don’t usually focus on it being ‘not here’ because i know what signal that will send to the universe, only when I’m asking questions now) Like if i were to do this, being happy and everything for another 30 years and still nothing happens, then isn’t it time to maybe question if this stuff actually works? I just think that its time for me to review thats all! and wondering why its not here yet if i have been so aligned for most of the times! I hear spiritual teachers say that you only need to be happy 51% of the time, but I’m pretty sure i was/am more than that!

  3. Chip Post author

    I know there are many people who think that being happy is the key to manifesting, but if this were true, there would be a lot more destitute people out there. I’ll bet that you can think of a dozen or so miserable a-holes that have landed major roles.

    Happy is not the key. Alignment is. If you can maintain 51 alignment, your manifestation is inevitable.

    Back to the question of reviewing why it isn’t here yet. When you look for something you will find it. This is Law of Attraction. If you look for why you don’t have what you want, not only will you find a reason, you are aligning with not having by proving to yourself by reason why it is not so.

    But, I think there is something else going here and you are sensing this is so.

    When you posit that something is so–that you are manifesting the breakthrough role–contrast starts to percolate to the surface to point out the clusters of thought that you are thinking that are not in alignment with what you want. And some people, like those that believe you must be happy or that you must be a good little girl, pull a cosmic Obewan Kanobee and say to themselves, “This is not the contrast you are looking for. There is nothing to see here. Move along,” and they gloss over their bad feelings.

    So if you are feeling afraid or angry that you have not gotten the role yet, be angry and afraid. Let the emotions out and lay your cards on the table. You cannot bring your thoughts into alignment if you are hiding them. Your emotions don’t stop you from manifesting, they are part of the process. However, smoothing them over and keeping them at bay, maintains those thoughts that are not in alignment with what you are wanting.

    So there are two ways of looking at this. The first is to say that you were doing something wrong and that by looking for the reason you were wrong you found your answer.

    A second way of looking at things is that through your desire, you manifested a way to overcome your habit of glossing over your emotions to allow your contrast to come to the surface, so that you could come one step closer to your breakthrough role.

    Now this is not to say that being happy is not a good idea or that it will not make manifesting easier. Everything is easier when you are happy. But be happy just for the sake of how it feels, not because of what you think it will bring you.

    Life Surfer

    1. The Asker

      Thank you…that makes sense. I feel like a lot of my conflicting thoughts and negative emotions are coming up to the surface these past few days, and i have been feeling them fully to release them. However, if i’ve already identified a thought (for example, ‘i am not worthy’) as false, what if i still feel that way sometime?

      Can you expand further on ‘alignment is not happiness’? I’ve always thought that if you’re feeling good then you’re aligning yourself with what you want.

  4. Chip Post author

    There are some thoughts that might stay with you for a lifetime. The trick is to allow yourself to feel those thoughts and be okay with them. I too have similar thoughts, but they have lost most of their influence.

    As for alignment and happiness, how about a few examples.

    A starving person is in alignment with manifesting food, but she is not happy about it.
    A hedge fund manager who cheats thousands of people out of their retirement is in alignment with the having of money, but probably not happy.

    Now let’s take your example of a breakthrough role. The vibration of how you want to feel may be passion, satisfaction, exhilaration, even overwhelm at times, but happiness is not really a requirement. The vibration of acting and the vibration of happiness are different. You can have both, but they are not the same. You can have both by aligning with the vibration of your breakthrough role and by aligning with the vibration of happiness.


    1. The Asker

      Thank you! Yes I’ve wondered about that before – It’s not like i’m gonna be happy 100% of the time when my dreams come true, so why do I have to feel that way now?

      What a relief to know that happiness is not a requirement to having our dreams being realized! Its just that so many gurus talk about “get happy first and then, get in the vortex and then, feel good first and then’…

      1. Chip Post author

        It is nice that everyone comes from a different perspective and that you can use your intuition to allow yourself to align with what is true for you.

        Is there anything else?


  5. Anon

    Hi all,
    I loved this post because it was so close to what I’ve been going through with my desire. I totally get what it’s like to want something so badly and try as hard as you can with the law of attraction to feel as great as possible in order to get it. What I realized was that I had a belief going on of “this can’t actually happen” that caused me to fight against what I was really feeling and try as hard as possible to just feel good so my belief would be proven wrong and then I could actually have what I wanted. Once I shifted the belief and realized that I CAN have whatever I want with LOA, it turned the contrast into helpful information.

    Speaking of contrast, I was wondering if you could expand on that, Chip. When contrast arises, can you delve further into how to “feel it fully in order to release it”? Is it just acknowledging that “yes, I’m feeling contrast but I want to feel X way instead?” This is confusing to me. How can you switch your focus without being too needy and actually giving into the contrast?

    1. Chip Post author

      Obviously, this is a topic on which much can be spoken. What you want to do is fully embrace the contrast. Feel it fully and let it all out. You might think of it as if you are in an old house where your water supply comes from an underground spring. But the pipes have not been used for a while so you turn the faucet on and what comes out is a brown sludge. So you let the sludge run until the water clears up and the sweet spring water flows.

      Another analogy which might work better with anger, hate and rage is that you have a fire and you let it burn as hot as you can stand it. Let it burn until there is no more fuel to consume.

      Eventually you get to a point where you are okay with how you feel and the thought or cluster of thoughts at the core of the feelings will become evident. In fact, they will probably be so obvious that they are easy to overlook. That is the point where you can choose a better feeling thought–what you want instead.


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