Manifesting Money…er…I mean, Creating Cash

Hey Chip,

I have had success with manifesting small things like blue feathers, etc. For instance, few days back I was thinking about a movie and the very next day the movie was playing on HBO. But when it comes to money, I haven’t had success. I don’t get any inspired action when I sit back and relax.

I don’t have negative money beliefs either. I don’t think money is evil or anything, nor I am annoyed by rich people.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Truth be told, I have trouble with manifesting money more any other topic, so I too am interested in what I am about to say.

Part of what is going on is that money is a theoretical concept. Money is the term used when we are thinking about a problem. I don’t have enough money. I need money to pay the bills. Money problems never exists in the here now.

Think about that for a second. You can say I have a money problem, but in reality right here right now, you don’t. Right here right now you are okay.

Now look back at the way you worded your question. Notice how the term money is theoretical. Notice how it has the vibration of a puzzle, a problem to be solved.

Compare that to “I want $199 to pay the electric bill.” You are wanting 199 cash-dollars. Cash dollars (Euros, Yen, Pesos) you can spend. Cash dollars you can hold. Cash dollars can be seen electronically in your bank account as pixels on a screen.

Money is a generalized representation that only exists in the past or future.

Cash is what you can hold in your hand right here right now.

When you focus on the problem of money, you are creating a money problem to solve. When you focus on the having of cash, you are creating the cash you are wanting.

So you might want to shift your visualization to the having of cash.

Now, about inspired action.

When you decide that you will actually have what you actually want, the Universe of your thoughts starts to rearrange itself to give you what you want. You don’t have to figure out how this works because the Universe of your thoughts is not limited by time. The instant you imagined the having of the cash you want, the Universe created it for you—along with the back story of how you got from where you are now to the having of your cash, taking into consideration all the thoughts and beliefs you hold about the topic. Your job is simply to follow the thoughts that feel better and to take any action that is easy and obvious.

Obviously, to move from the vibration of not having cash to the vibration of having cash requires a vibrational shift. What this means is that you will have to let go of thoughts and beliefs that are not in alignment with the having of cash and replace them with thoughts and beliefs that are in alignment with the having of the cash you want.

This is not difficult because your emotional guidance system handles this for you. The thoughts that are not in alignment with the having of the cash you want come to your attention because they feel bad. If you can allow these emotional messengers to be what they are, they will point out, in an easy and obvious way, the thoughts that stand in your way.

Notice that you don’t have to solve the problem of finding the thoughts about money that stand in your way. You don’t have to research, do inner energy work, or delve into your unconscious mind. Your emotional guidance system will deliver your unaligned thoughts to you served up on a silver platter.

Likewise, you don’t have to solve the problem of how to make money. So if you are are sitting on your couch looking for that inspired action of how you are going to make money, it’s not going to happen. Inspired action is not about making money.

Inspired action is about doing something that brings you into alignment with the having of the cash you want. Yes, you have to take some action. You might have to bend over to pick up a winning lottery ticket. You might have to respond to a job offer that allows you the opportunity to enjoy life more.

But a job is not how you make money. It is a vehicle through which the Universe of your thoughts delivers the cash you are creating. A business is not how you make money. It too, is a vehicle through which cash can come to you. But these are not the only ways cash can come to you. You can find it, inherit it, win it, get a tax rebate, receive it as a gift—and the list goes on and on to include an infinite number of possibilities you have never thought of.

You don’t have to figure out how the cash is going to come to you. That part was done the instant you created it. Your job is to decide what you want and allow it to happen.

Now some people don’t care about the having of cash. What they want is experiences. They might want the experience of owning a home or traveling on a cruise ship to Morocco. They might manifest easier if they just imagine the home or the trip. The process is the same as outlined above. Decide that you will have what you want, change the unaligned thoughts your emotions bring to your attention, and do what feels easy and obvious.

It’s not a matter of waiting for inspired action to hit you. It’s about doing what is easy and obvious. If you aren’t “inspired,” there is nothing for you to do right here right now. So do something else. Do something you enjoy. Do what is easy and obvious. When you are done, do the next thing that is easy and obvious.

Manifesting anything, once you have decided you will actually have what you actually want, is always about doing the next easy and obvious thing.

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3 thoughts on “Manifesting Money…er…I mean, Creating Cash

  1. Fiona

    Very good article! I like it 🙂
    I have a question. If a want to manifest 800$ a month, can I do it? Can I get the amount of money that I want to manifest? Or it is better if I “let” the Universe decide what amount of money is better for me? As my higher self knows better than me. Thank you!

    1. Chip Post author

      It is always you that decides what you want to manifest. The Universe’s job is to bring what you decide you will have. It’s not about what is best for you so much as it is allowing you to have what it is you decide to have.


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