Managing vs Allowing Your Creation

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Okay, most of you are going to look at this topic and go, “Pfft! Allowing definitely.” But I think it bears looking into. Managing is simply natural to us, in that it is drilled into us by the totality of our society. We are taught problem solving in school. So if we want a new iPhone, you define the problem: It will cost me $450. Then you start looking for solutions. I could take a loan. I could get a second job. I could find someone with an iPhone, shout, “Look-up there!” grab the phone and split before he knew what hit him.

Managing is most a problem when you think you have to figure out how something is going to occur. An example of this might be that you want a gazillion dollars and you believe that you have to sell a bazillion widgets to get it. You are more or less distracting yourself, because what you want is the cash and you have no interest in the process of selling widgets. So you placing your attention on something you don’t want to get what you do want and it doesn’t work out so well.

It is important to realize that the Universe is not an entity that works on your behalf–although it is is and it does–it’s more like it is passive and rearranges itself to fit your vibration. It’s not that it is smarter than you, knows more etc. Rather it is working with bringing you the totality of what you are wanting. So if your desire is to have a nice home, a BMW, a great relationship and an engaging pastime, it is forming around the entirety of that thought. But when you say, I need money first, all the rest gets moved to the back burner. And if you say I have to sell a bazillion widgets, then what you are really wanting is moved even further back, and you are focusing on something you don’t want–selling widgets–instead of having what you actually want.

The fastest way to get what you want is to follow the path of least resistance, the thoughts that feels better, your emotional guidance system, your intuition compass. In other words, you allow the Universe to rearrange itself so that you have it.

You see, the instant you imagine what you want, you create it. And since that creation is vibrational, it is outside of time. This means that when you create it, you also create the back-story on how you got it. This back story takes into account, all your thoughts and self-imposed limitations. So basically, you have it no matter what. The fastest way to get to it is to ride the energy to it, by following your intuition. Allow it. If it feels better or like relief, you are on the right path. Trying to manage it almost always offers resistance.

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