Life Surfer’s Law of Attraction Handbook

for intermediate to advanced users
Computer-friendly .pdf edition $5

I cannot know why you manifested this book. However, my intention is that this handbook serves to remind you of what you need to know to move from being an intermediate to advanced student of Law of Attraction to being a conscious creator in your own right.


  • Introduction
  • Who is this guy?
  • The Basics
  • Law of Attraction Basics:
    • Visualization
    • Deciding You Can Actually Have What You Want
    • Deciding You Already Have It
    • Following Thoughts that Feel Better
  • Contrast
  • The Cosmic “Doing What Feels Better” Escape Clause
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Heroes of the First Wave
  • Now what?
  • Credits


Everything and everyone is here to serve you. This includes contrast. Contrast is here to help you decide if you want pink or blue. It helps you decide if you would rather feel trapped by hating your mother, or enjoy the freedom of loving yourself just the way you are. Just that simple.

Now, if you are judging yourself for hating your mother—because everyone knows that a person who hates their mother is really bad, and if you hate your mother, well you might as well pack your ice water, because where you are going you are going to need it—then since you are such an evil-doer, you feel shame and guilt. You don’t like feeling bad, and every time that shame comes up, it feels like a hole in your stomach. So you run to the cupboard and grab the nearest box of chocolate macaroons to fill the hole.

So now you have a jumbled up mess that you hide with cookies. When you decide it’s time to diet, here comes that contrast and it feels like shit. But we push through this and deprive ourselves out of 10 pounds of sweets, only to be reminded of our mother, feel ashamed, and pounce on the cookies until we gain back 15 pounds.

If you pay attention, you know when you are feeling bad. When you notice the contrast, it is time to let it run its course. The first step is being okay with feeling the contrast. You can tap a HopoPocoLoco Sedona Method Acting Dance on it or you can just let the emotion flow through you. Any way you become okay with your emotions is good

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9 thoughts on “Life Surfer’s Law of Attraction Handbook

  1. Priscilla

    Ah, I have just finished reading the Life Surfer’s LOA Handbook, and absolutely love it! It was so easy to follow and written in a very appealing and entertaining way, Chip. While none of the concepts are really new to me, how it is put together and some of the words and phrases you use are. That very much held my attention. It is very well organized too. There are many lines I could quote, but these 2 are among my favs: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to teach anyone anything, you just have to learn to create a life of joy for yourself. Your vibration will do the rest.” Those thoughts felt better, in that they brought great relief, as you would say. And not only that, but for the past 9 years after a near-death car accident, I have strongly felt the most important thing in life for me was joy. So these 2 sentences were the cat’s pajamas for me. Thanks for a terrific read, Chip. This is really wonderful, practical book on LOA.

  2. Timon

    Hi Chip,
    first of all thank you very much for this book!
    I love it when people don’t beat around the bush and get to the point right away. I have read far too many books in my life that were 100 pages introduction – 3 pages main concept – 100 pages conclusion. 😉

    Yours is very refreshing, entertaining, practical and easy to read. There was no single sentence that I felt was unnecessary. Exactly the type of book that I love!

    A couple of thoughts after reading:
    – You mentioned in your blog that initially you wanted to add “Easy Peasy” to the title of your book but decided against it. I think that that decision was great, at least for people like me. Yes, the concepts that you are talking about are very easy in themselves (and that comes across in your book very well) but they are very hard at the same time. Because we are always working with contrast and I think that will always going to be painful to some degree.
    So for me if I tried to apply something in my life that someone told me was very easy and I did not get it right at the first time… that would probably just make me doubt myself and maybe even give up and fall back into my old ways.
    – You talked about people that try to dig deep in order to resolve all their issues and heal completely. You explained why this is usually not working for them. However in one of your latest blog posts you mentioned that you had to clear about a hundred emotions that came up to you at once. So I wonder, are emotions in this quantity really just there if we look for them, or are they there regardless?
    I think maybe it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Either we go into the darkness looking for them, or we go into the light like you do and they sort of get flushed to the surface. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.
    – This brings me to my last point. Even after reading your book I feel like there is one last puzzle piece that I am sort of missing. How do we clear emotions effectively? How do we change beliefs?
    I know several processes like breathing into the emotions until they change. I learned that thinking conciously about whether or not your beliefs are true so they lose their impact on you can change them over time. It is working for me so far, but not as easiely and quickly as I would like.
    It impressed me that you only need 1-2 minutes to clear away one old emotion. Do you have any tips that you can share to speed up the process? Or is it just a matter of practice and awareness?

    Thank you for being awesome!

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author


      Practice yes. I think that with the practice you begin to take the emotions less seriously and become easier with them. If they are not so heavy, you can drop the resistance to them much more quickly. This is easy to write, but people spend a lot of time learning to become easy with contrast so they can drop it. Here are a couple questions you might ask when feeling contrast.

      Am I okay with how I feel?
      Am I okay that I’m not okay with how I feel?

      These are powerful questions as they will help you into the realization that whatever you feel is perfect and emotions are ultimately just information that points to the thought you are thinking.


  3. Elizabeth

    Great book, Chip. I really like and relate to your approach. I love your writing style, it’s warm, fun and human. Thank you for reminding me of what I already know. We all need reminding at times!

    The most priceless part of the book for me was permission to turn away from my ‘stuff’ and hand it over to the Universe. I can see that I have been getting so wrapped up in the root of my issue that I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my limiting beliefs. I got to a point where the more I looked, the more I found, and I saw no way to ever work through them all. You explain this all so succinctly. I’ve seen and discovered enough for now. Now is the time to let go.

    1. Chip Post author

      You are taken via a link on Paypal to a page where it can be downloaded. Every once in I while for some reason, it does not happen. I’ll email you the link.


  4. larry

    Comments = just read your Life surfers law of Attraction and really liked it. I like your righting style and your kind personality comes across well. the only thing that i might add is a small chapter in Oneness ,and just Being in the moment. i listen to Burt Harding on YT and his videos were a break thru for me on Oneness and just Being, Talk about Relief , feeling Bliss in Spades . the perfect mind set for letting go of any hang ups on self love. Any way i give you an A Plus on the book, all my best to you Always


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