I’m Falling in Love with Contrast

No we haven’t gotten physical yet.

It started out extremely rocky. Talk about a couple drama queens. Contrast would get all scary and I spent years tapping out a HopoPocoLoco Sedona Method Shadow Dance about it. I literally spent three years trading EFT sessions with people. I got so core that I could see my seeds.

I learned about my childhood, my babyhood, and all the distorted and all the weird things I think that were not serving me. I probably took it too far, because if you go looking for weird deep dark issues, Law of Attraction makes sure you’ll find them. My contrast was right there with me, fighting me every step of the way. Or maybe I was fighting it. I’m sure there was enough blame to go around. I blamed my mother, my father, my culture, my school, and my government. But it really didn’t get me anywhere. Not that it wasn’t justified. In fact, everything I felt was perfect, a perfect reflection of the thoughts I was thinking.

But that all changed. I changed. Paul, the Communion of Light, says that everything and everyone is here to serve you. If that’s true, then Contrast is here to serve me. The most obvious way is that it points out to me thoughts that are not in alignment with the truth of who-I-am. I have thought this for a couple of years, but it is not fun. Bad-feeling thoughts don’t feel good, even if they are helpful.

But lately, my relationship with contrast has evolved again. Now Contrast is helping me by keeping me on track. As I go through my day, focused on what I am wanting, Contrast gives me a nudge whenever my thoughts start to stray. So if I am sitting on my porch thinking about how I want my front yard to look, and I start to think about how I will be able to afford it, Contrast reminds me that I have strayed from my creation.

When I am thinking about how people will find out about my new book, Contrast reminds me that I don’t need to know how people will find it, the Universe will sort that out, I just need to know that I have decided that they will.

I like this new version of Contrast. No, I’m going to say it. I love this new version of Contrast.

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I’ve been busy lately which is why my blog posts have been few and far between. In addition to getting my book ready for print, I have found a couple other projects I want to tell you about.

First of all, I was consolidating my computer files and came across the eBooks I have written in the last decade or so. These books were well-received, but are now gathering virtual dust in deep storage. I found the guru Teal Swan because she quoted a passage from Your Intuition Compass in one of her videos. My daughter saw the quote and showed it to me. The EFT Quick-Start Method is my most popular book to date, and has been translated into 4 languages. So I’ve been dusting them off and putting them back out there on Chip’s Bookshelf.

Second, I’ve always wanted a forum where people could chat about Law of Attraction and help each other out with their challenges. I had a forum in the past, but I didn’t like the software, and didn’t put much into it. Now I have found a new program that I have been able to customize to my liking.

If you were a member of the old forum, you will need to re-register. Sorry.

The Beach Fire Law of Attraction Forum is brand new and there are only a few users. I invite you to be brave and be among the first posters. You don’t have to start sharing all your secrets, but if you come by and just say howdy, you’ll be helping me out by getting the ball rolling. Thanks, I appreciate it.