I Want to Manifest a Mountain of Money in Two Months

Hey Chip,

I’ve already manifested a lot of amazing things into my experience (in fact, almost everything I’ve ever wanted) except for mountains of effortlessly-attained money. I keep getting stuck on this one. I always have enough, maybe a little more than enough but I really, really want more than that. I’m thinking first-class travel around the world and partying on my yacht with my best friends. Kind of a tall order from my middle-class perspective.

I have given the Universe until July, but I’m impatient and I keep feeling compelled to reach out to you, because I think you are awesome and I resonate so well with your point of view. So, do you have any insight about maintaining a vibration of I-am-ridiculously-wealthy-lets-go-buy-an-island instead of I-can’t-be-rich-without-insert-excuse-here? I just feel really stuck, or like I should be doing something, but nothing I can think to do feels better than doing nothing.

Manifesting “mountains of effortlessly-attained money” is like learning to levitate. Both are possible as evidenced by people who have done so, but both require reprogramming the core of the cultural templates that we have adopted as the way things are. It is, as you put it, “a tall order.”

It doesn’t really need to be a tall order. As Abraham points out, it is as easy to create a billion dollars as it is to create a button. But in your case, you have created a conundrum. You want mountains of money because you think it will free you from contrast, and it yet it is that very contrast that will bring you the mountains of money. You are not alone in this way of thinking. It is a dominant theme in our culture.

Perhaps the reason that contrast is one of the most misunderstood metaphysical topics is that we are taught to avoid it almost from the instant of birth. Our parents want us to stop crying because they don’t like the contrast they are experiencing. Our parents, through their actions, teach us that contrast is something outside ourselves, and that someone (or some deity) is causing it to happen to us. The truth is that we create contrast to serve us.

A second cultural template we have adopted is that of problem solving. The basic tenet of our education system is to teach us to solve problems. We extrapolate the strategy of problem solving to all aspects of our life. Both parties and vacations are “escapes” in that while we are partying and vacationing we are enjoying the distance between this enjoyment and responsibilities we face when we return to the real world. We make the parties and vacations reliant on responsibilities like working to make the money to make them happen. So while we party and vacation, there is always the other shoe that will drop when the party and vacation end.

The problem is that if we want parties and vacations, we feel we have to work extra hard to make more money to pay for them. Now that the problem is defined, it easy to see that a solution would be just to have mountains of money dropped into our laps. Well, maybe dropped in the next room, because let’s face it. The amount of money you want would impossible to climb out from under if it was dropped on you.

And it has to be effortless, because the point of it is you don’t want to work. You know that this is possible because a shitload of non-physical beings and aliens and gurus have told you that you can do it with Law of Attraction. Problem solved. Except for the fact that if you did so without a fundamental understanding of the contrast you think money would solve, you would be a person that is exactly as happy and fulfilled as you are right now–who also happened to have a mountain of money.

Oh sure, you could party and vacation, but very soon a new wave of contrast would arise. It might be things like relationship issues, guilt issues, health issues or any number of things that money is not involved in.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t want a mountain of money, it is neither my place nor my desire to do so. But I am suggesting that if you were to make friends with contrast, you will become a lot happier and more fulfilled as you are going through the process of allowing your mountains of money to manifest.

So how do you make friends with contrast? Well, understanding the nature of contrast is a start.

Contrast is one of four of the major components of the manifestation process. They are:

  • Contrast
  • Desire
  • Alignment
  • Allowing

Contrast serves sort of a dual role in this process. First, it helps you become aware of what it is you don’t want so you can choose what you do want. On a fundamental level, it is this aspect of creation that you came to experience when you chose to become physically-focused. You wanted to be able to distinguish between red and blue, between music and the pounding of jack-hammer, and between having sex and listening to a 3-hour organic chemistry lecture. More importantly, you wanted to be able to chose to experience your preference of wearing red in your organic chemistry lecture while listening to a jack-hammer on your iPhone.

Like that, contrast helps you decide what your strong preferences are, and in doing so strengthens your desire.

Second, contrast also helps you recognize which thoughts are not in alignment with having what it is you want to manifest. As soon as you decide what it is you want to manifest, contrast will arise. This contrast arises because you have produced a new way of thinking, a new cluster of thoughts. You did this because you want something different from what you have now. Contrast systematically uses your emotional compass to point out old thoughts that are not in alignment with your new desires by giving you a bad feeling when you think them. If you ignore them, they will feel worse until you acknowledge them. The trick of course, is to learn to recognize them when they feel only a little bad.

Naturally, we have a cultural template that teaches us to ignore our emotions, push through the bad-feelings, and achieve the gain that comes through pain.

Which is where your conundrum comes in. Of course you feel stuck. The whole point of having the mountain of money is so you don’t have to deal with contrast. Yet to get the mountains of money, you have to determine which thoughts are out of alignment with having them. The contrast you are avoiding is the contrast that points out these out of alignment thoughts. You need to change these these out-of-alignment thoughts to thoughts that are in alignment with mountains of money in order to have them.

Now let’s take this a step further. What you don’t want is a life of servitude and commitment to doing something you don’t want to do to live a meaningless existence. You really don’t want this. I mean, you really, really, really don’t want this. In fact, the only time you don’t think about how much you really don’t want this is when you are partying and vacationing.

In a way then, it is your resistance to drudgery that is creating your desire for the party/vacation lifestyle. I submit, that this lifestyle may not be what you want. That if you were to drop your resistance to the idea of work, you might find something that is far more enjoyable and fulfilling than partying.

When I say drop your resistance to work, I don’t mean just work and be happy. Working is for the birds. What I mean is to stop avoiding the contrast and see what thoughts you are thinking that stop you from exploring what it is that would fire your rockets beyond your imagination.

Do this and you divorce yourself from the work/party seesaw.

I mean, seriously, isn’t that what you really want, to find what is exciting and inspires passion in you?

If not feel free to take out your metaphysical slingshot and bounce a few rocks off my head.

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  1. Barb WIlliams

    As usual your advice was “right on.” The contrast conundrum has been my life since Tom’s death. Before his death I had what I wanted and I had achieved what I desired. I loved my job, which had transformed into mentoring, teaching, and helping people get through difficult problems. After Tom’s death the mountains of money without effort seemed like the way to go. I have since found that it is not what I really wanted. Still in the contrast mode, but making progress. Getting thoughts in alignment when all goes to hell is not easy. Thanks for becoming part of my support group.

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