I Switch Between 2 Different Realities.

 Hi Chip,

Here is my story:

I have been trying to quit smoking for about 5 yrs. I tried all the physical tools that exist, and since introduction to metaphysical concepts, I tried some of non-physical methods. Conclusion: every single tool worked – temporarily. After a while something would happen, the cravings would be overwhelming and there I was, smoking again.

I realized that on some level I still needed smoking and that it must be serving me somehow. I stopped focusing on quitting and started observing what's going on inside and outside relative to my smoking patterns.

What came out is that I noticed that I switch between 2 significantly different realities. I know we shift billion times but that doesn't have much practical value since we are not aware of it. I am talking about 2 very visibly and significantly different realities: smoking and non-smoking one. Smoking one is lower dimensional reality, 'I am not worthy enough' reality, while non-smoking one is higher frequency, 'I am worthy' reality, each reflecting different external circumstances and people.

Here are couple of examples:
- I have some incompatibilities with my boss that totally disappear in my non-smoking reality: my boss becomes completely different person and we get along beautifully.
- There are couple of people in my life whose friendship has been leaving me empty and drained for a while now. I noticed that they don't exist in my non-smoking reality. I don't see them, I don't hear from them. The moment I start smoking again, the phone call comes and here they are.

It seems to me that I am using smoking as a sign post “You are now entering low vibrational reality”. Message from myself to myself?
I am not asking you for advice on how to quit smoking. This letter is not about that. Your blogs always bring me helpful insights and I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. What comes to your mind as you read this letter? How would you go about finding what it is that you need to let go, why is it that I still need something that doesn't seem beneficial to me? Would you look at it from totally different angle maybe?

You know that you are the creator of your reality. And in this reality you can have anything you want in the way that you want it. So borrowing and twisting the words of Abraham:

  • You can be a smoker and have a low vibration.
  • You can be a smoker and have a high vibration.
  • You can be a non-smoker and have a low vibration.
  • You can be a non-smoker and have a high vibration.

Now somewhere along the line you made the decision that smoking is bad for you and that as a non-smoker you have a higher vibration. This decision is neither good nor bad. It is simply how we shape our reality. We make decisions and those decisions about what we believe become the foundation of our experiences. Another such decision is that stopping smoking is difficult.

So having narrowed your decision tree to,

  • I can be a smoker with low vibration.
  • I can be a non-smoker with high vibration.

let’s look at the idea of separate realities. It could be that you are indeed shifting between parallel realities. When physically-focused beings reach a fork in the road that they believe has significance like quitting smoking, or taking a practical job instead of following your dream, or whether or not you marry your high school sweetheart, part of your consciousness goes down each fork creating parallel universes. In this way, you get the full experience of your incarnation. You are very efficient that way. You could be jumping back and forth between these parallel time-lines.

[As a side note: this is different than the way Bashar and others talk about how you are a fixed point in time/space and you move through parallel universes by shifting vibrations. They are different ideas, but not mutually exclusive.]

Another possibility is that you are at a point on your current time line before the smoker/non-smoker split, and you are seeing signs of Law of Attraction at work. For purposes of discussion, let’s use a basic definition of law of Attraction:

Thoughts you give birth to give rise to thoughts of similar vibration.

What this means in this case is that when you decided that smoking was of a low vibration you started collecting evidence to support how your decision was true. Likewise, when you decided non-smoking was high vibration, you started collecting evidence of how that was true. In doing so you created sort of vibrational bubbles [my words] and you are calling them different realities that you move in and out of. A difficulty you are experiencing about this is that you believe that the quality of relative worthiness varies within the bubbles. Deep down you know that this is not true, but it persists.

And of course you prefer one bubble over the other and you have contrast. You want the bubble of non-smoker, but you believe based upon the evidence that you have cravings and yield to them, that you are a smoker.

You will notice that this discussion is about meaning and decisions, and beliefs, and thoughts. And it should be because that is what determines what we experience. But in a metaphysical, Law of Attraction sense, there are some thoughts and beliefs that are in alignment with what you want and those that are not in alignment with what you want–not in alignment with the truth of who you are.

So what I am proposing is an experiment with alignment. In this experiment, you drop the whole idea that smoking is bad, low vibration, low self-worth, etc. and start with a clean slate. This is impossible I know, but it is a pretend game, and there is no reason to beat yourself for slipping into old thought habits.

So if smoking is not bad, you can feel free to smoke. BUT, and this is a big but, only if and when it feels like relief to do so. If you follow that one rule, you will be in alignment with the smoking of that cigarette. And then see what comes up. Notice if you feel guilt, or shame, or disappointment, or anger, or self-hate. Smoking this cigarette is about collecting data that points to the beliefs you hold that are out of alignment with the truth of who you are.

And when these emotions arise, allow them to grow within you until you feel them burning themselves out. When they have lost their energy look at the belief you hold that was at the core of those bad feelings. At one point it felt like relief to think this way, but you have evolved and it no longer serves you. Let it be okay that you thought that way, thank the thought, and let it evolve away from you.

Keep collecting data this way until it no longer feels like relief to do so.

If you decide to smoke when it feels worse to do so, it’s okay. That too is information. Just know that thoughts of self-recrimination are also not in alignment with the truth of who you are and you know this by how you feel.

Eventually, there will be no more data to collect and you will be done. Enough thoughts will be in alignment with the truth of who you are and you will be free to move on.

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    Thank you Chip! As always, your insights are very helpful. I will take on the experiment and let you know how it goes.

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