Hi my name is Holly

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Hi my name is Holly

Postby madhatterholly » Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:22 pm

hello maties. as of lately ive been experiencing a lot of the magic of LOA, often unintentionally. such as, the other day i wished i could find some duct tape on sale for less than 5.00 a roll and yesterday i found a roll in the clearance isle at wally world for 2.50! i was super excited! also, about a week ago my husband and i were talking about crochet, the game and how it had been so long since we played. low and behold, yesterday his dad came by with a set of crochet mallots! haha and the list goes on. those are a few of my most recent experiences with the lovely LOA.
im a mother as of 6 months ago, our precious baby boy, Murphy Bran Smith was born December 18th and he is the joy of my life.
our dream is to own a sail boat some day to travel the world with our son, to show him this earth, first hand, rather than from a school desk. we're overjoyed to see this dream come to fruition. thankfully, the LOA is on our side!!!
nice to be here, chipper. thanks for the add!

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Re: Hi my name is Holly

Postby Chip » Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:41 pm

Great to have you! I know you will add a lot of value to this site as well as helping people find relief they are looking for.


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