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Are you a life-coach, a relationships coach, or a Law of Attraction expert. Tell us what you do and how to get in touch. I mean, how to get a hold of you. I mean, give us your contact information.
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Law of Attraction Coaching

Postby Chip » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:37 pm

Law of Attraction is more than the name implies. It is a set of metaphysical principles that we use every day to create our universe. Sure there are parts of your experience that don’t feel good, but that too is part of the process. Everything is working to your benefit.

In a Law of Attraction coaching session, you will learn how to change your perspective about those things you don’t like and use them as a springboard to really hone in on how you want the entirety of your life to look and feel. You learn to use metaphysical principles to shift into the reality of actually having what you actually want.

Will you get everything you want in life from just one session? Probably not. But what you will get is a feeling of relief that you can use to bring you closer. You will learn skills that you can use to move forward on your own. You will learn that you create the entirety of your experience and use this knowledge to effectively create the life you want to live.

We can talk about such things as:

    Conscious creation
    Metaphysical principles
    How to feel better
    Life choices
    Pretty much anything else

So find that topic you want to pour light into, the thorny issue that is driving you bonkers, that spiritual principle that you can’t seem to wrap yourself around, or that life situation you want to change and let’s talk about it.

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