Different Versions of People

Chip, I’d like your perspective on the following scenario:

We have Person A and Person B. They are both conscious creators. They are best friends.

Person A has a desire which Person B doesn’t resonate with, nearly at all, but understands allowing.

Person A aligns with their desire and manifests it.

In the case that Person B is now excited and happy for Person A:

Is person B a different version of themselves that reflects person A’s desire?

This question is like the Indian parable where 5 blind men are asked to describe an elephant. One grabs a leg and says the elephant is like a tree. One grabs the tail and says the elephant is like a snake. etc.

People are right based upon their perspective.

People who are physically-focused, at least on this planet, arrive with the idea that they are going to believe in time, permanence and continuity. From this we use the concept of time-lines to describe things. So when ghosts and aliens use the concept of parallel lives and parallel universes, they are creating metaphors to help us understand within our self-imposed limitations of time, permanence, and continuity.

Let’s assume this is a little ditty about Jack and Diane.

Starting with another metaphor, Diane desires something. There will always be a version of Diane that manifests that desire very quickly, and there will always be a version that delays the manifestation of that desire until after they die–with several in between. When a thought is given birth, a relationship exists between that thought and the person who gave birth to that thought. That relationship will be explored by both the thought and the person who gave birth to the thought from many different perspectives. But these are not parallel lives, because the relationship is vibrational, (like all relationships), and vibration is timeless. The relationship between Diane and her desire could be described using another metaphor–that of an explosion that instantly fills all parts of the universe.

So let’s pretend that you are Diane. You have an idea of who you are, which is, in reality, just one part of the entirety of YOU–an individual perspective.

In this relationship you have described, You have the idea who you are, the idea of the thought you gave birth to, and your idea of Jack (which is based upon your perception of Jack’s vibration).

So when you get your desire, your vibration changes relative to both the desire and Jack. Jack does not change, but your vibrational relationship with Jack now reflects an aspect of Jack you have not experienced before. In this case, you are aligning with an aspect of Jack that from your perspective, “understands allowing.”

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