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Sitting on the porch is something you can do year round in Arizona. It’s how I start my day. I drink my morning coffee, maybe smoke my pipe, and I look for what feels better for me to do that day. In the summer, I sit in the shade and look across Russel Wash at the golf course and the mountains of Sedona. In the winter, I see my front yard and the hill that marks the border of the Coconino National Forest. My front yard is on the plain side. It looks like this: (click photos to enlarge)

Most of this winter, I’ve been imagining what I want my front yard to look like. Across the street, my neighbor had built a garden he had terraced with rock walls and I secretly coveted his creation. So I set about imagining what my yard could look like. And I came up with a plan. Not far from here is Tuzigoot National Monument. It is a city complex in ruins, that well, looks like a series of tumble-down rock walls. I thought I would make sort of a replica called Tsuziquoot, and add plants and fun features that stayed with in the ancient ruins theme.

And then I realized that I had all the materials I needed to build it, for free, within a couple blocks of my house. I could dig the stones out of the wash, get fill dirt from where dozers had pushed the dirt off the road after the monsoon flooding, and get compost fertilizer from the local horse ranches. So last week I got started building my dream. Here is the first batch of rocks I gathered to start the project.

Running parallel to this I have had a dream to build a Law of Attraction community, where people could learn metaphysical principles, get help creating their dreams, and just have a fun place to meet. It would have a blog and a forum, and I would support it by doing what I love to do, writing and answering Law of Attraction questions. And like the wall, I found that I had all the things I needed to put this together for free. I have already written several books/eBooks, and the software I needed for the community was all available through open source.

However, the idea of this community became complicated by the fact that I was running out of money. The moving company that moved our stuff across county ended up charging us 3 times their estimate, and the bank selling us our house dragged its feet until we had to rent a hotel, and put our furniture into long-term storage. The cushion my wife and I had built into our moving plans was suddenly gone. So now, it seemed, building my community was needed to bring money into our house for stuff like food.

It is funny how the idea of money can change the nature of things..

So for the last two months, I have been laying the foundation for this new community. I programmed the forum. Cleaned up some of my books and re-offered them for sale. And I finished my first full-length book, The Whole Banana: Law of Attraction on the Rocks with a Twist—at least as far as I could. I need to come up with $2000 to get it edited.

The thing is, all of these tasks were fun at the time I did them. I was following my intuition compass. I was doing what felt better in the moment. Oh sure, I had frustrating times, like when I tried to format my forum during the Mercury Retrograde—whatever that is. But for the most part, things just flowed naturally in a create flow. Still, I launched my new and improved community, and only a handful of people came.

So today, I was sitting on my porch looking at what Julie calls Chip’s Sandbox. I have put several days work into it and all I had to show for it was a short low section of wall. But then I realized that most of the work I had done was in setting the foundation stones. These are the stones at the base of the wall that support the wall. They have to be dug in and set straight so that wall doesn’t crumble or wander all over the place. These rocks are the hardest to install, yet you see very little of them if any. The easy part is stacking the rocks on top of the foundation. It is a just matter of letting go and expecting the right size and shape of rock to be there.

And then I realized that I have already set the foundation stones for my community. So now my job is to let go and allow the right people to come and enjoy my site. The right people will come and get the ball rolling. The right people will come and start discussions on my forum. The right people will ask questions for my blog. And a certain number of these people will even book coaching sessions simply because it will be the path of least resistance for them.

And all I have to do is play in my sandboxes.

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