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How Do I Bring My Husband On Board?

Hi Chip!

Here is my situation. I have the wonderful opportunity to adopt 2 siblings, both boys. I have one of my own who is 8. My husband and I have tried for years to have more, we tried everything medically possible with no results. Now we have an opportunity to adopt these siblings, but my husband is not on board.

My question is, how does one deal with this type of situation when you want to follow your hearts desire by having more children through adoption, but your other half is not on board. I feel like I have to give up my desires now. I will have this desire to have more children forever!! It is making me angry that I am giving in to his desires of not having more children so that I can fulfill his desire and deny me my desire. I feel like I have no say and my heart is breaking!!

I’d like to start this conversation with a little background on the nature of relationships. This topic brings forth a bit of a paradox because on one had we are told that we create our reality—all of it—and on the other hand most gurus adopt the lexicon of Abraham and say we co-create our reality. Both of which are true. But the term “co-create” is misleading if we look at it from a physically-focused perspective. It implies that there is a physical reality outside the one you create that you share with other people.

But co-creation happens on a vibrational level and the physical reality you create is all you. For this reason, I prefer the term blending reality as used by my non-physical friend Paul.

For purposes of demonstration let’s assume that the blue sphere represents you and the purple sphere represents your husband.

You each have had experiences and learned different things so you see the worlds differently. Because your experiences have colored your world blue, you see the world through your blue filter. It is simply impossible to see anything your husband sees because his world is filtered purple. Likewise ,he can’t see the blue world you see because he can only see purple.

Now there is an intersection where your vibrations are similar and this is how you relate to him. But you don’t see him, you see a version of him that you have created– a blue version of him. Your relationship is the relationship between your idea of you with your version of him.

You do this with everything and everybody. This is why people like to point out that when you see something you don’t like in someone else, you are seeing a reflection of you.

And you use this reflective properties to your advantage all the time. When you are feeling conflicted, you will align with people who will demonstrate your conflicting thoughts so that you can choose something different. You might see an unhappy angry person and decide that you don’t want to be angry and unhappy. In this way, you can make a decision without having to dive into the angry and unhappy thoughts you have been holding.

Of course, most of the people you hang with reflect your dominant vibration. People like your husband and son reflect the parts of you that you like to express the most. However, conflict can still occur, as reflected in your issue of adoption.

I brought up all of this to point out that the conflict you are feeling over the adoption is all you. You are using your husband to pull forth the conflicting thoughts you are having about the adoption of these two boys. If you were not conflicted, you would line up with the version of your husband that is on board with bringing these two new boys into your family.

So what do you do with this?

Contrast like this is always working for you to bring you the entirety of what you are wanting. It helps you refine and define what it is you really want. It does this by exposing the thoughts you are thinking that are not in alignment with the having of what you are wanting. It shows you the cultural templates you are bucking, the fears you have, and the attitudes and beliefs that will cause you grief.

You bring this contrast to the surface either through direct experience, or through the words and actions of others. Often when people feel so strongly about what they want that they blind themselves to the contrasting thoughts that are standing in their own way, they will call forth other people to get in their face to make them confront the contrast. This is not to say that your husband is right, rather it is a call to pay attention to the thoughts you are holding.

  • Listen to his words. What is he telling you directly?
  • Listen to his concerns? What feelings is he evoking?
  • Feel the vibration of where he is coming from.

Some of your concerns might be:

  • It would be a sudden financial burden.
  • They might turn out to be little hellions or delinquents.
  • They might turn your son into a delinquent.
  • Your son might get jealous.
  • The 3 boys might not get along and the fights would be 2 against one.
  • You might feel shame about not being able to conceive naturally.

Your concerns may turn out to be about adopting in general or they may turn out to be something you sense in the vibration of these particular boys.

Take each of the concerns and allow the emotions you are feeling to percolate. What are the thoughts that are coming to light? Does it feel better or worse to think these thoughts. If they feel better or like relief, these are ones you want to stay with for now. If they feel worse, look for the thought that feels better.

Do this with each concern that arises. As you do, you will notice that you are refining and redefining what it is that you want out of expanding your family. Notice how you want to feel and go with that feeling for a while.

Now you have a better perspective on this situation, and it was all because you were able to call forth your husband to express your objections. Whether or not you decide to move forward with these two boys, you will have a clearer vision and intention of what you want to experience.

If you decide not to adopt these boys, remember you are in the middle of the story. You will have other opportunities to adopt if that is what you want. Or you can find peace if you have changed your mind.

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What do I want to do now?

Hi Chip!

I love the principle of doing what feels good / doing what feels like relief a lot. When I first heard about this last year I thought “YES! This is how I want to live my life from now on!”.

However it doesn’t seem to work for me as I had hoped. Regularly I get into situations where I got free time and want to decide what to do next. I ask myself the question “What would feel good or feel like relief now?” – And then the answer is just blank.

In these situations I just don’t know what I would really want to do with my time. So I feel as if I only have two options: To do nothing and be super bored, or to distract myself (kill time) with something that feels okay to do but that doesn’t really excite me much. I always do the latter because the idea of doing nothing/being bored just feels worse…

It is frustrating to me because I know that there must be something there that I would really like to do but I am blind to seeing it and because of that I end up wasting my time with something else.

Luckily there are also moments where I do get an inspiration of something that I would like to do. But they are much rarer than I would like. So how can I receive more regular answers when I ask myself “What do I want to do now”?

This is very similar to a more common question, “what do I do when there is no inspired action to take?” The answer, of course, is to do nothing—or better yet, do something fun. The reason that you are not inspired, is that there is no action to take at that time. If you are wanting something, the Universe is rearranging itself to bring it to you. But you may not be aligned with having it right now.

Think of it like catching a bus. It does no good to go to the bus stop 5 hours before it departs. But there is a right time that will get you to the bus stop at the best time for boarding and that will give you the best bus ride experience possible. You will be inspired at the right time if you expect the inspiration.

But I don’t think that the above scenario is the case with you.

The contrast you are experiencing looks like this. You find yourself with time on your hands, but nothing excites you. The thing about contrast is that 89-91% of the time what the contrast is about is the most obvious thing.

In this case, you want something to get excited about.

But you’re not looking for the next release of Smash Brothers, you are looking for something more pervasive, something that gets you so revved up that there is no spare time. You want to dive into it the second your “have-to’s” are done.

Now this can be a “life-purpose,” an adventure, a hobby, or a quest to build and release self-replicating nanobots that “eat” GMO crops and turn them into organic fertilizer. It really doesn’t matter. It is up to you to choose what it is that will fire your rockets.

Now you probably have some sort of “sensibility” template that will create some contrast as soon as you start exploring the possibilities. “I don’t know what to do.” is the perfect avoidance mechanism to avoid this contrast.

Using an absurd example: If you really wanted to fly to the moon, you might get a lot of contrast stating that you can’t afford a rocket ship and if you could you couldn’t do the math to plot the trajectory, and you get claustrophobic in space suits. Saying “I don’t know what to do” in the quiet times avoids these stirring up these conflicting thoughts.

As does, “I really don’t have anything I’m passionate about that I want to do.”

But you do have the desire to have that kind of purpose and passion, no?

You can tell, because your vibration is at boredom. If you keep choosing what feels better, excitement and passion are coming very soon.

So you just have to choose what it is you want to do. You can’t get it wrong, but you can delay the having of it.

My suggestion is to brainstorm a list of things you might like to do. Don’t be sensible. Put down things that are exciting. Put down things you that stretch you. Put down thing you think are impossible. Feel the vibration of these things. (Hint: it is possible that the vibration of things you think are impossible can be found in things you believe you can have.)

If you are comfortable with asking your guides for help, ask them to help you think of things for your list.

Once you have decide on an endeavor or two, go back to following what feels better. Now, if nothing comes up, you know you are just waiting for a bus, and there is nothing to do right now. You can play Smash Brothers, kill time, and enjoyed it.

Contrast is likely to arise. This will point out the thoughts you hold that run counter to what you want to do. Once again, simply choose thoughts that feel better and navigating the contrast will be easy—and it gets easier the more you do it.

This is something you are ready for.

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What Color is My Bear-assed Career?

When my desires aren’t being manifested quickly enough (specifically my career at this point), there are partial manifestations here and there tho…what do you suggest me to do? Should I focus more intensely, distract myself with things that make me happy, or follow the “go general” technique by Abraham?

Let’s start with a problem:

You travel in a straight line exactly one mile south. You turn west and travel exactly one mile. You turn north and travel exactly one mile bringing you back to your starting point. Sitting on the exact spot you left is a bear. What color is the bear?

Your career is this bear. You don’t know what color it is but you wish it would get off it’s fat ass and get moving. Maybe if you hang some salmon out in front of it it will move, I mean, bears like salmon, right? You can get canned salmon at the grocery store, or that GMO stuff at the deli. I wonder which would work better.

We live in a society that values problem solving. We are taught that in order to get anything you have to set it up as a problem.

You define the problem:

  • My career is sitting on it’s fat ass.

You state what you know to be true:

  • I have experience in shopping.
  • I am educated in the varieties of salmon.
  • The market for GMO salmon is currently down.
  • Bears smell bad and shed.
  • No one is hiring people who can’t move a bear.

And you isolate variables:

  • X=what I have to do to get this bear moving.

When you set your career up as a problem to be solved, guess what you get? That’s right, you get a problem. It is the way we have been taught to deal with life. You isolate a problem and go about solving it.

So what would life look like if it wasn’t a problem to be solved? What if it was already perfect? What if what you have right now is exactly what you want.

Take a second and look around you. Everything you see, smell, taste, and imagine is your creation. The part that might be hard to comprehend is that it is exactly what you want it to be. It is a perfect match to you vibrationally.

But what about your fat-assed career?

There are parts of the world you created, even though it is perfect match to what you want not, that you don’t like and want to change. Your career is one of them. You simply have conflicting thoughts and that conflict shows up in the form of contrast. Typically what is happening is you’re protecting yourself from what you think the change you want to make means.

If I have a career, it means I won’t have as much time to spend with the kids.

I really don’t want to work at all. I’m just doing it for the money.

If I get money without working I’m a leach. So I need a career.

I need a career to be somebody.

Which brings up another point. The vibration of career and the vibration of money are not related. They appear to be related because of the meaning we have given it. But it is a no pain-no gain myth. Career in the LOA sense of the word is something that you want to do because you want to do it. If money were not involved, you would do it for fun.

Money can come to you through an infinite number of channels. It does not have to be limited to work, welfare and charity.

So when you say you want your career manifest quicker, are you wanting to expand the joy of doing what you love, or do you really want the money you think it will bring? The answer can be both.

So you know that your creation is perfect and now you want to experience more. This comes through an interconnected process of desire-contrast-allowing-alignment. (See Communion of Light, Correlating Wealth)

Let’s assume for a moment that what you really want is money not career. The same principles apply no matter what you want. The first step is to feel what it would be like to have that money. You increase your desire. Then let it go. It will either manifest or contrast will arise. Again the contrast is just there to serve you by pointing out your conflicting thoughts. Everything in your life, every person you meet is here to serve you. Some serve you by helping you define what it is you don’t want.

If you let the contrast be your ally, and allow it to be what it is, it will show you what thought is running counter to what you want. Usually, that thought is one you put in place to protect you. If you feel that the thought no longer serves you (hint: if it feels bad it doesn’t) you can replace it with one that feels more in alignment with what you are wanting.

You then let it be what it is and the money you want will either manifest or contrast will arise. Rinse and repeat.

You see, you are not doing anything wrong and you never have. There is no problem so there is no problem to solve. You only have what you are creating and how you want it to change. Let the Universe sort out how. You just have to allow it to happen and make decisions about what you want when contrast arises. Personally, I would choose to go with the thoughts that feel better or like relief. If the thought doesn’t feel good, I’d drop it like it was a bag of alligator snot.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Dropping the idea of problem solving is a new concept and your life has been about solving problems since you were very young. It is only natural that you will try to figure out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. But you can’t get it wrong.

It is all about starting right here right now, and doing what feels better (or like relief). And then doing it again.

Like how you felt when you decided to ask your question.

Keep doing that.

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The Best Way to Attract a Great Relationship


Can you please speak on the best way to attract a great relationship? I feel like I’ve been trying forever, to no avail. (Maybe that’s my problem?)

Now I feel discouraged and like throwing in the towel on the whole matter. I know what feels good to me to visualize but I don’t know if that really exists in reality. Maybe I have to settle. Maybe I’m not allowed to really have it. Maybe I have to learn a whole bunch of lessons first before it comes along. I just don’t know. I’m confused and don’t know how to sort it out.

My guess is that the idea of “throwing in the towel” feels like relief. But you still want the relationship.

Your intuition was talking pretty loudly to you when you wrote this, wasn’t it? You are trying to manage the creation of this relationship because you think if you don’t do something, it isn’t going to happen.

I’ve got news for you. Your intuition is telling you, “It’s done. You have that relationship. You’ve created it. Let it come to you.”

Think of it like ordering a book from Amazon. You placed the order, now you just have to wait the 5-8 working days for it to arrive. The last thing you would do is notice on day three that it isn’t there yet and order the book again. But that is what we do when we try to make it happen. We notice that we don’t have it yet, and when we do, the Universe knocks the book off the UPS conveyer belt and your package is delayed. Then after you forget about it, some janitor finds the book and puts it back on the belt.

Think of this new dream relationship in the same way you would think of the book you ordered from Amazon. If you knew in uncertain terms that your person was coming, how would you be acting? Would you be going out and enjoying other people’s company—not intending to get serious, but hey, company at movies is fun? Dancing is fun. Flirting is fun. Eating out is fun. Would you enjoy benefits?

Would you spend time preparing your space for a new person, or would you be organizing your stuff so that you got rid of the things that you wouldn’t want to move?

If it were me, I would say, “Now that I have my relationship, what can I do to best celebrate being ‘single’ before the person shows up?”

Undoubtedly, you will experience some contrast. The relationship you are asking for is a different vibration than the vibration you currently hold. The contrast that comes up is merely pointing out thoughts you are thinking that are delaying your person’s arrival. Listen to what they are saying. Often it is as simple as making a turning it around: “Not allowed to have it? How interesting. Of course, I can have it. I can have anything I want.” Or, “Maybe I have to learn a bunch of lessons. Ha ha. As if I could get it wrong!”

This can be very easy. The contrast is merely giving you the opportunity to replace unaligned thoughts.

Relax. Enjoy yourself while the “package” is coming. Stay home or go out as you are inspired to do. This relationship is a done deal.

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This question arrived just as I was finishing the previous one. As a general rule, I like to answer questions promptly. But I’m sure there will be times that for one reason or another, it might be delayed. But don’t be surprised when questions get posted on the same day as another question.


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Creating Our Universe While Blending Reality with Others

If we are all so depthfully creators of our own universe, why is it that we all even exist in the same plane in the first place? If no human interaction was meaningful beyond what we create in our own head, what’s the point of anything?

The implication of your question is that it is logically impossible to create your own reality in its entirety and still have interaction with other people.

The truth is that we do, in fact, create our reality in its entirety and we blend reality with others through our vibrations.

We are dynamic energetic beings who are maintain the illusion of being separated from our Higher Self to experience the contrast of being physically-focused. But we are more that our physical bodies, we are the universe of our thoughts. These thoughts are what create our reality. We give birth to an endless stream of thoughts and from this stream of thoughts we decide what is real and assign meaning.

We create our experiences from what we expect and what we believe to be true. These beliefs and expectations are unique to each of us. Like all thoughts, they are energy and have a specific energetic vibration.

These thoughts through vibration, call forth others who have thoughts of similar vibration. You attract people with similar financial situations in one part of your life, people with similar romantic interests in another area of your life, and people who share you hobbies and pastimes in another area of your life. You are multidimensional so you call forth a multitude of people.

But you are completely different from everyone else. Your thoughts are based upon your experiences no one else has a clue what you are thinking. Likewise, you have no clue what anyone else is thinking.

So when you blend reality with someone else, what you are doing is projecting what you think the relationship means onto this person. In essence, they become a reflection of who you are. Like you they are multidimensional, and you are seeing only this small piece of them, and seeing that through the lens of your own experiences. You see this blending in one way and they see it in another way completely.

An example might be that you blend a vibration of a world in which governments are oppressive. To you that oppression might mean governments passing laws that relegate people to the role of consumers of products we don’t want to boost corporate sales, while the other person sees government oppression as low flying helicopters blasting techo music.

So you create your own world, and the blending you do with others is a reflection back to you of your creation. That is not to say that this interaction cannot be pleasurable or stimulating or fulfilling, or irritating. They can be all that and more. But this relationship is your version of that person—not who they are.

Ultimately, you create the universe of your thoughts in its entirety.

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The “Be Happy” Trap

Hi Chip,

Why does Abraham spend soooooo much time preaching to feel happy and all else follow, when it doesn’t seem to work?

Although I studied the Teachings of Abraham extensively 5-6 years ago, I have not done more than watch an occasional YouTube video since, so bear with me.

All creation follows roughly the same method. How you create a meal is no different than creating a wad of cash. You feel contrast, you ramp up your desire, you notice your alignment, and you allow it to come into being. If you needed to be happy to get your food, there would be a lot of hungry people out there.

If you are happy, however, the alignment and allowing part flow a little more smoothly.

But there are a few built-in traps to thinking that the path to getting what you want is to be happy.

The first is that most people create an a mental if-then statement.

If I become happy, then I get get what I want.

If this is postulated, then what you want, say a wad of cash, gets relegated to the future, and happiness is a required stepping stone. What happens is we shift our attention from what we want to becoming happy. In fact, happiness and a wad of cash are unrelated topics with different vibrations.

To complicate things even further, even though we are told repeatedly that you shouldn’t wait until you have money to be happy, a lot of people look at money as a way to solve problems. And we think:

When I get that wad of cash, I can be happy.


(or I can relax and be happy).

So now we’ve created a loop. You can’t get money without being happy, but you can’t be happy until you get the money.

The second trap involves contrast.

We create our reality through, our thoughts, expectations and beliefs. When we consciously create, we are setting forth an intention to manifest what we want. Most of the time when we do this it manifests very quickly. If we want an ice cream cone we get into a car and go get it.

But if we want something that we notice is not in our experience, like a large wad of cash, then when we set our intention, we notice contrasting or bad feeling emotions arise. This the Universe showing us he thoughts we hold that run counter to what we want.

For example we might want to create:

I want a wad of cash.

And then you might think out of habit from our cultural template:

Rich people are evil.

I don’t want to be evil.

I don’t want a wad of cash.


So now you have two conflicting thoughts:

I want a wad of cash.

I don’t want a wad of cash.

And you feel it as contrast.

The contrast you experience is there to serve you. It tells you how far the thought or belief you have is from where you want it to be. Ideally, you just experience the emotion and let it point out the thought or belief so you can change it. In this case, you can reverse the idea that rich people are evil and postulate what you would rather have instead.

I am a magnificent being or light and love and no amount of money can change that.


But if we are holding the idea that we need to we happy, then what we do is smooth over the contrast and think happy thoughts. The more we do this, the more contrast we create, the more we smooth it over, the more contrast we create, the more we smooth it over until we just want to grab a hammer and play Whack-a-mole with our Abraham CDs.

We hold to the idea that we need to be happy, but we notice we don’t have money and contrast arises. So we think happy thoughts and we feel worse.

You simply cannot create anything if you take contrast out of the equation.

But Abraham is still right. Manifesting is easier if you are happy. But they are also right when they say that happy is too far a stretch for most people. They are also right when they talk about contrast being part of the manifestation process. If you cherry pick the “be happy” part out of all the things they say, it might not turn out like you expect.

A third trap that arises from the idea that you need to become happy to get what you want is that it feeds into the cultural template that you have to do something to get what you want. I would postulate that a primary reason the Abraham says to be happy is because that a happy person is in an extreme state of allowing. However, a person trying to be happy is doing not allowing. Certainly, trying to be happy in the midst of contrast is in their words, “upstream.” You can tell by the resistance you feel when you try to push through the contrast to get to happy. What actually feels like relief at this point is to feel the contrast.

My suggestion is to skip the whole “be happy” idea. Instead, follow the thought that feels better than where you are, the thought that feels like relief. Following the thought that feels better is always the fastest way to get to what you really want. If you make following the thought that feels better a habit, the side effect is that you will become happy.

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Q: What ‘Loopholes’ are keeping me from getting paid?

Hi Chip,

I’m still trying to get my head around putting the theory of LOA into practice in my life. I have been following my feelings and taking inspired action, but things aren’t working out for me in the way I expected. For example, I set up a counseling website (inspired, good feeling action) and got three clients. I got myself into a high vibration and responded to them, and felt really good about it. I got positive feedback from one client saying that I really touched and helped her, but none of the clients payed me for the service. I then noticed I had some more limiting beliefs about money, and worked on them, but still haven’t received payment. I feel like giving up. I am not sure what to do now.

I have read some more LOA material lately that suggests there are a few ‘loopholes’ that could be preventing me from getting what I want:

  1. I am not in a high enough vibration to be a match to what I want;
  2. What I think I want isn’t for my ‘highest good’;
  3. What I think I want isn’t really what I want.

So how do I tell which of the three ‘loopholes’ apply? I have done pretty well manifesting what I wanted in the past, as they were more ‘pedestrian’ things. Now I want to take it up a notch and really create the reality I desire, but every time I try it appears to fail spectacularly. Perhaps the contrast is serving me by giving me the motivation to ask this question!

I’d love to hear your perspective on this. Thank you.

* * *

Well, my perspective is that you are doing everything right. Perhaps the most significant thing that is working for you is your emotional compass.

Let’s walk through what happened. You followed what felt better and set up a website. You got three clients who liked your work, but they didn’t pay you. You took that contrast, pivoted on it, and decided what you wanted instead. You want clients that pay you for your work.

This is working just as it should. The next step is to follow the thought or action that feels better or what feels like relief. What came up is more contrast, which sometimes is the path that feels better. This contrast is merely pointing out thoughts that are not aligned with you getting what you want. In this case, it is a cluster of thoughts that came to you in form of a cultural template.

In school you were taught to solve problems by examining the data and isolating the variables. In essence, you define the problem.

For example, you might be asked: find the pressure exerted on a one square-foot metal plate on the base of a dam at a depth of 250 feet below water-level.

You know that atmospheric pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level and that you increase pressure at the rate of one atmosphere every 32 feet of depth. So, if you let x=the pressure on the plate, you just have to solve for x.

Now if you apply this problem-solving system to the problem of your clients not paying you, you take what you know to be true, and assign a variable. You know that you create your world through your thoughts and that each thought has a vibration. So if you are not getting the stuff you want, then your vibration and the thoughts you are thinking must be wrong. So x=wrong thoughts.

So now you have your assertion. Law of Attraction kicks in and brings you evidence to support your assertion. You manifested “the loopholes” as evidence that wrong thoughts are at play.

The thing is that it all felt like shit. You couldn’t tell one loophole from another vibrationally because they all felt like shit. Finally it felt so awful that you threw up you hands in disgust and you did the only thing you could do.

You gave up.

And that felt so much like relief.

And in this vibration of relief you had an inspired action that felt even more like relief: you wrote me an email.

You then poured all these emotions out onto a page and declared vibrationally, “I’m done with all this crap. Universe you sort this out.”

Again more relief.

You made the decision that you wanted paying clients and contrast that involved a “problem-solving” cluster of thoughts arose. You did this to show yourself that there is no problem to be solved. There is nothing wrong with you. Give up problem-solving and the Universe will sort this out for you.

You manifested me to reflect back to you the message your Higher Self is telling you.

You did everything perfectly. Your emotional compass led you right through this contrast. You now know what thoughts aren’t serving you.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect just as you are. There is no problem to be solved. Everything you felt was perfect. Relax and let the Universe sort this out.

Now what do you want from here?

I took down the forum on my site because it was slowing the site down to a crawl. I’m in the process of moving to a new server to speed things up even more. I’ll try re-installing the forum once everything is set up. Thanks for your patience.


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