Button, Button, Goose

Last night I got into a conversation about being true to your spiritual gifts rather than buttonholing yourself to what you think you should be doing. I was using my own life as an example because, well, I know it better than most. I pointed out how even though I was successful, even good at being a healer, it was ultimately unfulfilling. Coaching followed the same pattern.

Each of us has a unique combination of spiritual gifts. We are builders, teachers, healers, leaders, enablers, organizers, metaphysicians, creators and smart asses. We usually excel at 2-3 of these gifts. No one is like anyone else.

What tickles my spiritual goose is writing, mentoring and making people blow coffee on their keyboards.

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I excel at understanding the nature of things. When I was a businessman I could walk into any enterprise and glean how it operated and where the profit came from. It was second nature. I did the same thing as a healer. I understood the metaphysics of how and why a person became sick and was able to convey that information back to the client.

So my strengths are metaphysics and teaching. I like nothing better than to sit and ponder the workings of the Universe. And I do–so much so that I find that I have very few people whom I can talk to that share my passion. I share through writing. My abilities to communicate allow me to create metaphors to explain the virtually unexplainable. If I can make my writing funny so much the better.

Master Channel, Frank Butterfield, once called me an unconscious channel. I’m pretty sure he meant it in a good way, but as long as I can remember, when I think or talk about a subject, it is as if I download information from the Universe. A person I met in a jacuzzi called this claircognizance. I’ve never heard that term before. I’m not even sure it is in the spelling ballpark.

When I write, I also tap into this information source and it in turn, feeds my metaphysical jones. In other words, my job is doing what feels good to me. I laugh out loud when I write. Doing what you love and getting what you want by doing so is a key feature to Life Surfing.

Another question that came out of this conversation was: What is the difference between being a teacher, a coach, and a mentor? On the surface they seem very similar. A teacher imparts knowledge, a coach draws out person’s strategy and creates accountability, and a mentor demonstrates through example and helps the client follow a similar path. Mentoring is the best fit for me for one-on-one work—and I still get to enjoy the high of creating the spiritual space involved in coaching and healing.

Spiritual skills are those skills that seem so normal that you just assume that everyone does these things. It was through trial and error that I figured out that using my innate abilities was not only the most enjoyable way to live, but the most productive as well.

So… What are your spiritual skills and how do you use them to enjoy your experience?

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6 thoughts on “Button, Button, Goose

  1. Rachel

    My greatest gift, I believe, is empathy, and I use it as an EFT Practitioner, and as a writer. I’ve just started seriously exploring these paths, so I look forward to seeing what develops. Another related gift is seeing things from other people’s expectations. I hope to be a bridge between the skeptics and the belief in energetic and mystical things.

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author

      Cool Rachel,

      Writing is a teacher’s trait and empathy is a healer’s trait.

      Love it.

  2. Priscilla

    I found as a teacher for 25 years that the best teaching is not from imparting knowledge (filling up the empty vessel), but from modeling (which you remark is part of mentoring). Perhaps this had to do with my discipline, social work, as all the profs I worked with were very aware of this. But I have heard the same about parenting, that modeling is the most effective form of teaching. So perhaps I consider myself a teacher in the mentoring tradition. 🙂

    I like what you say about your gifts, unconscious channeling, and claircognizance. I think everyone of us is a channel of Source energy for everyone we come in contact with, and nearly always on an unconscious level. So I’m thinking Frank meant something different than that with regards to you.

    1. Chip Engelmann Post author


      Perhaps Frank did mean something different than what you described. All I know is I grew up with asking myself, “How did I know that?” all the time knowing when I said it, it was true.


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