Basics of Law of Attraction

You create everything: the walls around you; the chair you are sitting on; the trees and birds outside your windows; and your family. And all of this is perfect.

This is the first step. Look around and see the wonder of your creation. Everything and everyone you have created is there to serve you–even the parts you don’t like. You created all of it from the universe of your thoughts. Most of it you like. Some of it you don’t like.

How you create what you don’t like and how you create what you do like is exactly the same. The part you don’t like comes from thoughts that served you well in the past, but now you have outgrown these thoughts and it is time to let them evolve away from you.

Some of your thoughts are aligned with what you want your world to look like and other thoughts are aligned with what you don’t want. The way you tell the difference is how they make you feel. If you are feeling bad, it is because what you are thinking is not helping you get what you want. If you take the time to identify what you are thinking when you feel bad, you then have the opportunity to change that thought to something that feels better.

There is no unconscious like described by Carl Jung. There are no thoughts hidden from you. But there are thoughts and ideas that you believe to be true without question. Some useful examples are thoughts of time, permanence, continuity, and gravity. Think how practical it is not to worry about floating off the ground.

Thoughts that are not useful are thoughts like: I am not good enough; I am bad at creation; I am doing it wrong (or I must get it right); I can’t do this; It is hard to change my life; I must work hard to get money; and Law of Attraction is complicated and difficult.

Again how you tell thoughts that are useful to you from those that are not useful to you is how they feel. Trying to think “positive thoughts” doesn’t work because you are still attached to the thoughts you don’t question about what is true. All that happens is that you see how far you are from where you want to be and it hurts.

But that same pain points you right at the group of thoughts that are not aligned with what you want. The pain itself serves you and is perfect. If you allow those bad feelings to be perfect, then you can easily follow them to the thoughts that created those bad feelings, and you can change them to thoughts that feel better.

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6 thoughts on “Basics of Law of Attraction

  1. Ixamara Castaneda

    What do you do when a person is in a state of depression(constant negative thinking) and is resisting the negative thought and trying to think positive? When i think positive thoughts in the back of that thought i think negative. I question it.

    1. Chip Post author

      Good question.

      As stated in my post, trying to think positive does not work, nor does “feeling good.” It just reminds you that you are not where you want to be. The trick then is just to feel better. If you are always depressed feeling better might feel like revenge or anger. That will not feel good, but it will feel better or like relief from where you are. I wrote an earlier blog about this.

      Feeling Good vs Feeling Better

      You if you think thoughts of revenge or anger, let me stress that you don’t probably don’t want to act on them, but if you allow them to express themselves, you can then move on to the next better feeling thought, more like relief, which might feel like blame or frustration.


  2. Hannah L

    Hi Chip, what if the thought that feels like relief or the most exciting thing to do at the moment is eating lots of desserts/junk food? But at the same time you have a belief that these foods are unhealthy, makes you gain weight, and staying fit/healthy is important to you…

    1. Chip Post author

      I cannot think of a better question to ask.

      First of all, you only have the moment right here right now. So anything that feels like relief to do in the moment trumps whatever is in your belief system. But right now, is different from right now. And that is different than right now. And that is different than right now. So in the ravishing of that Triple Chocolate Decadence hot fudge poured over brownie a-la-mode, there will be a right here right now when it feels better to stop.

      Secondly, you really don’t know, nor may you never know why that was the right thing to do even if it doesn’t make sense. It may be that you have to go to a certain place that will lead to a conversation with someone that will create an aha moment. It may be that you just needed a chocolate boost that put you in a frame of mind allowed you to realize the solution to a quandary you were feeling. Or it may be that you needed the sugar low that would put you to sleep so that you had a realization upon waking. You simply can’t know how the universe is rearranging itself to your benefit. The Universe is beyond the scope of the human experience.

      If you follow the thought that feels better in each moment, you may not know where it is taking you, but you will always know that each step takes you closer to what you are wanting.


      1. Hannah L

        I followed my intuition to eat desserts this afternoon, which led me me asking this question, which led to your answer and an amazing epiphany moment I’m having right now! wow! this stuff is amazing!!

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