Am I just masking the problem?

Hey Chip!

A lot of times I will become heated, feel irritated or become generally charged up at things I read online. Things like bigotry, hate, racism, etc. I do recognize that these are reflections of my internal world and I do try to honor them as such, and ideally I will use them as opportunities to shift how I feel about them.

My question is in relation to action. One of my biggest triggers was the youtube comments section. Inevitably during any video I loved or found controversial, I would find myself automatically scrolling down and soaking up the comments; almost always to my detriment.

So what I did yesterday was install an add-on on my browser that blocked the comments altogether! Hey-presto! Now when I’m watching a video and scroll down, the comments are gone and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing I didn’t fall into that trap. It seems I have brought myself some ease and curbed the triggers. Or have I?

Now, the action I took has seemingly separated me from what I was feeling, but given my understanding of LOA – have I really solved anything? I was attracting those kind of feelings and triggers, so will they now just arise elsewhere?

Is there any practical use to what I did at all? Have I made any real difference to my experience and how I will feel in the long run?

Congratulations. You did everything perfectly. Not that you could have gotten anything wrong, but in terms of being a master manifester you were magnificent.

You experienced contrast. I hate bigotry. You honored that feeling, became okay with it, and it evolved away from you. From this contrast you made a decision. I want to experience YouTube without offending comments. In alignment with who you are, you found a piece of software, an idea that would create the very circumstance you were wanting. Using inspired action, you shifted your reality to actually have what you actually wanted.

You know it was in alignment with the truth of who you are because of the relief it brought you.

If and when you need to address more beliefs that you hold about the general topic of racism, you will have the opportunity. But in this case, you made a solid move in creating the reality you want to live in.

Time to pop the champagne corks

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