How to Live a Magical Life

Last night the sunset was special.

My wife and I have made a ritual of going out on the porch about 15 minutes before sunset and watching the sun descend over the Mingus Mountains. When the sun is blocked from view, colors erupt in the sky. Each sunset is unique. The cloud cover is different. The humidity is different. The amount of dust in the air is different. And every sunset evolves, starting with anything from a bright yellow to orange, transferring colors to clouds spreading from the area closest to the hot spot to the far horizon over the mountains of Sedona. (click images to enlarge)

But last night was special. Instead of the primary and secondary colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and blues, the sky was filled with pastels: pinks, violets, and pale yellows. The colors filled the sky from horizon to horizon, our vision limited only by the house wall that supports our perch above the trees. The pastels faded abruptly and we thought the show was over, but new colors emerged: rusty brown siennas and umbers. These colors spread highlighting the cloud textures undulating in waves created by thermal currents. The rusty brown colors stayed with us an hour or more and was joined by a sliver of moon whose dark side was defined by a faint glow. Then Venus appeared, then Mars, forming a gentle arc of a line. All this was accented by a high flying jet liner that navigated between the moon and Venus, its vapor tail still catching the direct sun and glowing Highlighter pink.

This is what Living a Magical Life is all about for Julie and me. When we moved to Arizona, we set the intention that the house we could afford would sit amongst beauty. Once set, the intention evolved so what we got was not our original intention—it was better!

You can live a Magical Life like ours as well, one created by your definition of magic. You can create a life where everything and everyone acts synchronistically, to your benefit, coming together with Disneyesce precision. It takes three steps:

  1. You imagine what a Magical Life would look like to you.
  2. You decide that you will actually live this Magical Life. (You set your intention.)
  3. You observe how you are already living a Magical Life.

Now I know some of you are thinking, “It’s easy for you. You live in a house above the trees with a sunset over the Mingus Mountains. It is easy to live a Magical Life when you live like that.”

Across the golf course from me is a row of condominiums. One young couple comes out from time to time, hold each other, and watch the sunset, but the rest of the condos glow from episodes of cop shows, newscasts, and bachelorettes getting married to people they have never met. To live a Magical Life you have to engage with it. Some people spend an entire lifetime building their dream, only to do what they have always done.

From right now, from where you are, you can move into your Magical Life. But you have to take the time to smell the jasmine when you take the dog out. You have to listen to the songs of the mockingbird, the finches, and the cardinals that blend together in a morning opus. You have to bask in the droning sea of crickets rubbing their legs together to attract their lovers in the cool of the night.

You just have to do the three steps and watch it evolve.

So the question is: Are you ready to live your Magical Life?

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3 thoughts on “How to Live a Magical Life

  1. Barbara Williams

    I was living the Magical Life until Tom was taken from me. Starting over is difficult. Having lived the Magical Life, I am stuck on 1. Changing the perspective is hard. My Magical Life evolved. Tom and I became friends, then lovers, then a couple, and then best friends. My new Magical Life may be helping others. I will let you know.

    1. Chip Post author

      Barb, Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

      Your Magical Life was not dependent on Tom. At some point you decided that a life Tom was what you wanted and through your appreciation of your life together you created a Magical Life. It is totally in your power to create the magic again, it will just be different.


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