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What Color is My Bear-assed Career?

When my desires aren’t being manifested quickly enough (specifically my career at this point), there are partial manifestations here and there tho…what do you suggest me to do? Should I focus more intensely, distract myself with things that make me happy, or follow the “go general” technique by Abraham?

Let’s start with a problem:

You travel in a straight line exactly one mile south. You turn west and travel exactly one mile. You turn north and travel exactly one mile bringing you back to your starting point. Sitting on the exact spot you left is a bear. What color is the bear?

Your career is this bear. You don’t know what color it is but you wish it would get off it’s fat ass and get moving. Maybe if you hang some salmon out in front of it it will move, I mean, bears like salmon, right? You can get canned salmon at the grocery store, or that GMO stuff at the deli. I wonder which would work better.

We live in a society that values problem solving. We are taught that in order to get anything you have to set it up as a problem.

You define the problem:

  • My career is sitting on it’s fat ass.

You state what you know to be true:

  • I have experience in shopping.
  • I am educated in the varieties of salmon.
  • The market for GMO salmon is currently down.
  • Bears smell bad and shed.
  • No one is hiring people who can’t move a bear.

And you isolate variables:

  • X=what I have to do to get this bear moving.

When you set your career up as a problem to be solved, guess what you get? That’s right, you get a problem. It is the way we have been taught to deal with life. You isolate a problem and go about solving it.

So what would life look like if it wasn’t a problem to be solved? What if it was already perfect? What if what you have right now is exactly what you want.

Take a second and look around you. Everything you see, smell, taste, and imagine is your creation. The part that might be hard to comprehend is that it is exactly what you want it to be. It is a perfect match to you vibrationally.

But what about your fat-assed career?

There are parts of the world you created, even though it is perfect match to what you want not, that you don’t like and want to change. Your career is one of them. You simply have conflicting thoughts and that conflict shows up in the form of contrast. Typically what is happening is you’re protecting yourself from what you think the change you want to make means.

If I have a career, it means I won’t have as much time to spend with the kids.

I really don’t want to work at all. I’m just doing it for the money.

If I get money without working I’m a leach. So I need a career.

I need a career to be somebody.

Which brings up another point. The vibration of career and the vibration of money are not related. They appear to be related because of the meaning we have given it. But it is a no pain-no gain myth. Career in the LOA sense of the word is something that you want to do because you want to do it. If money were not involved, you would do it for fun.

Money can come to you through an infinite number of channels. It does not have to be limited to work, welfare and charity.

So when you say you want your career manifest quicker, are you wanting to expand the joy of doing what you love, or do you really want the money you think it will bring? The answer can be both.

So you know that your creation is perfect and now you want to experience more. This comes through an interconnected process of desire-contrast-allowing-alignment. (See Communion of Light, Correlating Wealth)

Let’s assume for a moment that what you really want is money not career. The same principles apply no matter what you want. The first step is to feel what it would be like to have that money. You increase your desire. Then let it go. It will either manifest or contrast will arise. Again the contrast is just there to serve you by pointing out your conflicting thoughts. Everything in your life, every person you meet is here to serve you. Some serve you by helping you define what it is you don’t want.

If you let the contrast be your ally, and allow it to be what it is, it will show you what thought is running counter to what you want. Usually, that thought is one you put in place to protect you. If you feel that the thought no longer serves you (hint: if it feels bad it doesn’t) you can replace it with one that feels more in alignment with what you are wanting.

You then let it be what it is and the money you want will either manifest or contrast will arise. Rinse and repeat.

You see, you are not doing anything wrong and you never have. There is no problem so there is no problem to solve. You only have what you are creating and how you want it to change. Let the Universe sort out how. You just have to allow it to happen and make decisions about what you want when contrast arises. Personally, I would choose to go with the thoughts that feel better or like relief. If the thought doesn’t feel good, I’d drop it like it was a bag of alligator snot.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Dropping the idea of problem solving is a new concept and your life has been about solving problems since you were very young. It is only natural that you will try to figure out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. But you can’t get it wrong.

It is all about starting right here right now, and doing what feels better (or like relief). And then doing it again.

Like how you felt when you decided to ask your question.

Keep doing that.

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You vs. Your Facade

You came into this life as you, the real you with the good vibes and innocent eyes and gurgling cooing that make all babies adorable. You could manifest anything you wanted or needed merely by letting loose a wail that cringed the nerves of all adults within earshot.

Then you grew up.

When you learned to talk, you started getting instruction about how life worked and what you needed to do to fit in. Often times, what others wanted you to do, to fit in, to make them feel better, ran counter to what your emotional compass was telling you was not in your best interest.

Gradually you learned to ignore your emotions and accept what other people were telling you about the way things are. It wasn’t easy because you knew you were ignoring what was true for you. So you started to pretend you were the way others wanted you to be. You created a facade, a face you showed the world, and you pushed you, the real you, to the background.

And as you moved more deeply into the facade you were creating, you increased the distance between you and your facade. You chose your facade as the right path and rejected the real you. Obviously the real you was flawed, because it doesn’t match the facade you wear in society. So it is quite natural to be ashamed of the real you.

The shame never goes away. It rides like a blanket over everything, so constant so pervasive that it seems like it is just the way life is. It becomes invisible. But we feel it and seek relief in the cookie jar or at the gym or in our 70 hour a week job or compulsive volunteer work.

And we have created a balance. We have manifested a perfect world that takes into account our facade. And this world protects us from what we perceive as our imperfection—who we really are.

The problem comes in when what we want comes from who we really are. We want health, we want wealth, and we want love. All of these desires come from who we are.

We want money. Our facade knows that rich people are evil and only get rich on the backs of the poor. It knows that who we are is flawed, and so to protect ourselves from ourselves, we do everything but manifest money.

Here’s the rub. We are master manifestors. We created the world around us. We don’t like some of our creation, but we have purpose in what we have created. We are protecting ourselves from who we think we are.

We have created the world exactly the way we want it.

But once you have identified the facade you have created, you can start to change it. You change it by finding thoughts that feel better.

Here’s an exercise: Take a topic like money, health, or love and write down on a sheet of paper all the ideas that come to mind about that topic.

Now, draw two circles. In one write the word “Me”, and in the other write “My Facade.” Take each of the ideas you had about your topic and use your emotional guidance system to decide whether that idea comes from you or your facade. Some are obvious, but some might not be so. Say the difficult ones aloud. Notice how it pulls you. It will feel like relief to place it in one circle or the other.

When you are done, you will have a better understanding of the facade you have created. You will also see how you are protecting yourself from what you want.

Now you can change those ideas that don’t serve you with ones that feel better. And you can ask yourself that all important question, what do I want from here.

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As some of you already know, I have created a new program to make it easier for some people to engage in sessions with me. I call it, “Pay What You Want Thursdays.” And that is how it works. You have a session. Then you pay what you want. You can find out more here.


(c)2014 Chip Engelmann